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“Heroes” Igor Rytov won the division IR3 regatta Semaine Nautique Internationale de Méditérranée (International nautical Mediterranean week), or, in short, the SNIM.

This year the international nautical week, which is called by the French the first major regatta of the racing season, was held for the 54th time. In the heart of Marseille, held 8 coastal races. Here parishes “Heroes”: 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 3 – 1 – (6) – 2. Total 10 points (with one outlier). The nearest rival is the French Chenapan 3 – lost by 7 points.

In the “Heroes” in the SNIM regatta, except Igor Rytov, made by Konstantin Besputin, Anton Sergeev, Alexander Patrushev, Igor Larionov, Alexei Kulakov, Ivan Sharapov, Valentin Zubkov.

The results of the regatta –

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