Seven signs of the yacht

Season world the boat show is not far off. September 9 kicks off the showroom in Cannes (Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes, 9-14 September), September 11 – international trade fair in Newport (Newport International Boat Show, September 11-14,), 12 the September PSP Southampton Boat Show 2014.

We are waiting for La Rochelle (Grand Pavois de la Rochelle 2014, 17 – 22 September), Norwalk (Norwalk Boat Show 2014, 18 – 21 September), Barcelona (Barcelona International Boat Show 2014, 23 – 28 September), Monaco (Monaco Yacht Show 2014, 24 – 27 September). Them at Oakland, Louisville, Genoa, Sao Paulo, Annapolis, Biograd na Moru, Hamburg, Fort Lauderdale…

To visit each of these boat show would be to see at least 6,000 boats. Boats and cruisers, sedans and consoles, motor yachts, sailing yachts, expedition yachts, pleasure yachts, ultra-modern yachts, classic yachts, super-yachts, mega-yachts… one of the Monaco Yacht Show I want to buy half a dozen new models!

In an attempt to somehow calm the overwrought mind of the visitor a large yacht show, to help him cope with the primary symptoms of healthy (and unhealthy) obsession with the boat and to prevent staropolanka and hasty signing of the contract, the editors of Yachting magazine brought a special formula. We offer customized version.

So how do we know “the” yacht among the many pleasurable?

1. Start to compare.

Compare everything from technical specifications to the operational capabilities and level of comfort ability to implement your dreams.

2. “The one” she will make you choke.

Yes, that’s next to It, your heart rate will be a particularly frequent, and the breathing may be accelerated so that your friends may think that you have an asthma attack.

3. “The” yacht you will not want to stop touching.

Yes, if the voice inside of you says, “Hmm, the texture of the railing of the bright tick – just absolute perfection”, is a sure sign that you have found It.

4. The smell of the yacht will haunt you.

No matter whether it was the smell of the varnish on the decorative elements, leather on the steering station, the chlorine from the Jacuzzi or diesel fuel from the engine room – if this scent started to follow you and seem like a sweet French perfume, then you’ve found Her.

5. The captain’s seat and cockpit of the yacht seem like a set up for you.

You feel that every detail is at your eye level, all conveniently located and easily accessible, you feel ready to manage right now? This is another sign that you have found It.

6. Suddenly you catch yourself thinking that you stand fully clothed in a shower stall in the master Suite?

Well, you’ve gone far enough to understand that this is it.

7. Your better half nods at you in approval.

If the wife (or husband) says “Yes”, don’t hesitate Deposit. Perhaps you would never have a second chance to spend the money on the mistress of your dreams.

Current calendar of exhibitions, boat shows and presentations in the events section of ruYachts.

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