Series World Match Racing Tour will abandon catamarans

Due to financial problems and change of the main sponsor of the series mactavich regatta of the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) will return to the proven model racing keel monohull yachts, in which each racing tour is conducted in boats of a particular class. In 2016, the organizers abandoned this system in favor of the competition catamaran type M32, thus creating a paradox in which system the match is scheduled regattas for odnoklubnikov topped the competition for Multihull yachts.

Such a strange decision however was the rationale. First, in 2010, 2013 and 2017 so did the organizers of the America’s Cup, for which the WMRT series was conceived as a kind of source of manpower. Secondly, the main sponsor of the series was the Swedish group of companies Aston Harald AB, which since 2013, owns the rights to M32. The company’s desire to make money on racing boats resulted in the reorganisation of the series in 2016 so that to participate in it, teams had to buy M32.

However, Aston Harald was not able to maintain the level of cash prize of one million dollars, and hopes that a demand for the M32 catamaran is not justified.

Now the new “owner” of the World Match Racing Tour will be the company CShine that in 2017 organized the final stage of the series in China.

Unfortunately, the cost of conversion of the series “into new hands” was the abolition of this year finals of the WMRT, which was to be held 8-12 November in China. It may also mean that the world title this year will not get either one of the athletes.

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