See you in Sochi Grand Marina!

If you live in Sochi or visit the resort town to relax – do not miss the weekly Amateur regatta Yacht Russia Weekly Sailing! Nearest launch – this Sunday!!!

If you want to look Younger,
To recuperate,
To be cheered up,
If you want to experience the feeling
Flight sailing
And to make a real
Gift your friends and loved ones
With them take part in an Amateur weekly regatta Yacht Russia Weekly Sailing!
Be sure all terribly

The nearest regatta Yacht Russia Weekly Sailing will take place on 16 June (Sunday).

To participate in the regatta the level of training does not matter and no special skills are required.
Each team will be under the guidance of a professional skipper-instructor, who before going to sea, will conduct a detailed briefing and explain the tasks of each participant during the competition.

Invited to participate as a formed team (up to 4 people) and individual participants (to determine team).

The participation of children 12 years of age accompanied by an adult. Children up to 12 years can be accommodated at the judges ‘ boat.

The cost of individual participation – 3 000 RUB.
The participation fee for team of 4 persons – 10 000 rubles.

Available tickets.

Location: Sochi Grand Marina – St. Voykova 1, pierce V.
Gathering of participants: 16 June (Sunday) at 14:00.

To find out more and to book a place in the regatta by phone: 8 918 209 59 47

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