Scatti helps deaf yachtsman

Paul Thompson took the kitten to the Board at the age of 4 months. Well, they took — has set sail from the Marina, when from the cabin leaned out kinda red face. The first flight to New Zealand with clumsy kitten was difficult, but together they managed. And became avid sailors.

The full name of Scatty: Strauss von Skattebo from Rebelous. Purebred Maine Coon, which became a real sea cat is still in the teenage cat age of Scotti has had a tough baptism of water. Too far lean over the side and fell into the water, and the Floor it took far more than one minute to deploy the boat and to pick up desperate hold on the waves of the other. Since then, Scatty not afraid of water, but test does not.

Scatti became the ears for the captain that he has long lost his hearing. The cat somehow realized that without a guide and learned to signal when something alarming. Whether it’s hail Sutler on the Wharf, the incoming message on the smart phone or the noise of the other approaching boats. Very useful helper in the sea, Paul says.

Even Scatti polydactyl, he has six toes on his front paws, which is very helps keep the balance in pitching. Activity cat manifests only in the mornings and evenings when you need both to monitor the weather, during the day Napping or bird watching. And the same routine was of people.

Yachtsman Paul Thompson thinks Scatti would be very surprised if they knew that the other cats in the world do not go across seas. What is this life? And he believes that other owners of Maine coons, and other freedom-loving cats, it would not hurt to take Pets along for a swim.

Hang on the sides of the grid and towels to the cat could cling claws, throw a couple of rods, even the small fish Mouser will be a treat. Of course, if the cat is afraid of water, forcing it not worth it. But you can try something — you might like it.

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