Scandinavian designer designed the yacht in keeping with the philosophy of hygge

Graduate Chris lane (Chris Lane) has created the concept of a 50-metre yacht Aegir cruise to the Norwegian fjords in the spirit of philosophical concepts, huge. Hygge is a philosophy of happiness widely spread on the territory of Denmark. Happiness in this concept is regarded as a dive man in the atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

In addition, hygge, the young designer was inspired by the image of the 116-metre Explorer vessel Ulysses from Kleven and minimalistic forms of rural villas single-family house in the Netherlands.

Lane has created a “specimen of floating architecture” after several meetings with representatives of the shipyard Feadship.

“I wanted to find something between the traditional concept of the yacht design and “architecture of movement” you see in a modern fast boats,” says Chris lane.

A key feature of Aegir — futuristic superstructure of glass.

Glass it is not only the walls but also the ceiling. Inside, you feel as if you are in the Observatory. The perfect place to watch the Northern lights!

The interior of the yacht is decorated with wood of valuable species.

Apart from Feadship, while working on the project, lane also worked with the Gym company Marine, which helped to construct a gym. It is located in the aft part, on the location of the engine room. Diesel-electric power plant and generators are situated a little further ahead. According to the authors of the project, the gym, next to which is placed a four-meter pool, will be equipped with modern area for cardio and strength equipment firms and a Technogym WaterRower. With ample space for a sauna or steam room.

Aegir is capable of carrying a sailing tenders and kayaks, but it is not there is a garage for jet skis. As lane explains, it is his deliberate decision.

Designer configured romantic: “I want guests to relax and be inspired by nature; to watch the Northern lights and peacefully to connect as one with the scenery — without the usual mix of thrills and partying on the water.”

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