Sasha Lukoyanovo – bronze!

In Athens ended the championship in the class “Laser radial”. The best result among Russians showed little Alexandra Lukoyanova, which said at a regatta just a week before the start. Among athletes under 19 years Sasha was 17, and among those who had not yet turned 17 years old three! Greetings from Yacht Russia!

Gold among girls under 19 years was won by Ana Moncada of Spain. Among those who are younger won Alessia Palanti from the Czech Republic.

Elizaveta Borovkova – on 34th place, Victoria Lisacheva – 43-m, Polina Soloveichik – 63-M.

The boys defeated Karim Bilan from France. Best of our – Sergey Doroshenko is on the 11th place, which is a decent result. Dmitry Golovkin – the 20th (and 5th among the sailors up to 17 years). Cyril Tereshkin – 70.

Detailed results –


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