Sanlorenzo brought the Boot Dusseldorf yacht-crossover SX88

At the jubilee, the 50th in a row, the boat show in Dusseldorf (Germany) Sanlorenzo brought a unique 27-metre yacht-crossover SX88, which combine the best features of flybridge boats and the Explorer compact size.

Externally SX88 fiberglass with a carbon fiber add-in is absolutely nothing like any previous Sanlorenzo. The exterior was created in the Bureau of Officina Italiana Design. Design can be described as innovative because of, for example, a completely open transom, allowing you to store on Board a tender with a length of up to five metres and a jet ski, or the windscreen with the aesthetic opposite angle.

Instead of the usual fly have SX88 is a real sky lounge with an upper and sole control (can be closed and are equipped with air conditioning system).

It’s a decision the designers made space on the main deck, thus become a spacious cabin with loft features a completely open kitchen and living area in the bow. Interestingly, there are four options-plan main deck: two in the style of open space with an open galley and two partitions, one of which involves placing the main deck the master cabin.

The interior of the boat features full customization. Designer Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Piero) has paid great attention to even the little things like switches — they brashirovanie brass. Colours and materials the customer is entitled to choose to your taste.

Sanlorenzo SX88 is not only stylish innovative silhouette. The use of modern technologies helped to achieve maximum noise reduction in the cabin and on the lower deck, regardless of the selected speed.

In motion the boat is driven by three diesel engines Volvo Penta IPS 1050, each of which provides a capacity of 800 HP

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