“Sanlorenzo Academy” opens its doors

Italian shipyard for superyacht Sanlorenzo launches “Academy Sanlorezo” — a series of specialized educational courses on shipbuilding for young people. The project is created in cooperation with the Italian educational center CISITA with the support of Confindustria La Spezia and the administration of the region Liguria at various levels, including ports. Part of the funding of the Academy is provided at the expense of Liguria that the region passed into the European social Fund for 2014-2020.

The first year course starts in mid-November. It includes 800 hours of classroom work and laboratory sessions and six months of practice.

Students will practice the technical and practical skills and also will pay attention to the issues of communication, for example, the algorithms of actions in conflict situations and stress management techniques.

Eight people from the first thread who have various knowledge necessary for work in all stages of ship construction, there will be training generalists. The details of the on-Board mechanics will be able to know eight people with expertise in engineering, engines and electronics, as well as being experts on the typical side work performed by seafarers. In early 2019, it is planned to run more courses, for example, specialists in the installation and maintenance side of plumbing and similar professionals working with the electrician.

“Sanlorenzo Academy” will be a bridge between vocational schools and companies.

Through the project, employers and students with technical and practical skills necessary for shipbuilding, will be able to meet each other. And Sanlorenzo, and involved in the project, the company undertook at the end of the internship no less than six months to hire 60% of the students who successfully pass the final exam.

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