Sailing to Krakatau

Have you heard about the photographer Jamie Furlong and journalist Liz Clergy? Are you familiar with their website

Jamie and Liz for ten years traveling around the world on his yacht Esper (Oyster 435) and all this time lead video blog, which enjoys great popularity. In the Network appeared the episode 162 of this blog – and we decided to introduce him to you. It is devoted to the Krakatau volcano. Well, about it, you certainly heard!

However (just in case) here are a couple of paragraphs from Wikipedia:

“The famous eruption of the Krakatau volcano in Indonesia, began in may 1883 and culminated with a series of powerful explosions on 26 and 27 August of the same year, resulting in most of the island of Krakatoa was destroyed.

This eruption is considered one of the most deadly and destructive in history: at least 36 417 people died as a result of the eruption and the resulting tsunami, was completely destroyed 165 towns and villages, and another 132 suffered serious destruction. The effects of the eruption in varying degrees, was felt in all regions of the globe.”

View – you will not regret. Just keep in mind that the video is rather long lasting 23 minutes. But it’s worth it!

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