Sailing life Peter: more than 70 events!

In the year of the tercentenary of the world’s first yacht club “Nevsky FLOT” sailing again recognized as a basic sport for the Northern capital!

The yacht end of the year brings Sergey Alekseev, President of Saint-Petersburg sailing Union sailing Federation Saint-Petersburg, Chairman of the Presidium of the all-Russian Federation of sailing

– This year we were able to confirm the official status of sailing as a basic sport for St. Petersburg. While this is more image and reputation of yachting, however, I am sure that all of this – the pieces of the puzzle, which over time will develop a strong European yacht capital.

Just in the past year in St. Petersburg held more than 70 events. Among the major sporting events I want to highlight the Sailing Champions League, the stage of the National sailing League (first held in cooperation with the “Baltic yacht week”), the regatta Nord Stream Race. Large-scale competition was the “St. Petersburg sailing week” which included a far and difficult voyage, including a national championship in the class “L-6”.

This year St. Petersburg celebrates the 300th anniversary of the creation of the yacht club “Nevsky FLOT”. 12 APR 1718 was published a Decree governing its activities, and thereby to become involved in sailing thousands of people at the time. The preservation of Maritime traditions is one of the main missions, so this date was to mark a number of significant cultural events in the Northern capital:

– Specially for the anniversary of the Sailing Union has published a book, the St. Petersburg historian Leonid Amirkhanov “Nevsky fleet of Peter the Great. The story of the first Russian yacht club”. In her presentation in April this year was attended by representatives of the city Government, and the President of the Sailing Federation of Finland Mr. English version of the book published Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg – to acquaint the world community with the Russian Maritime history and sporting achievements, book sent as a gift to many yacht clubs in the world. Currently you can purchase the publication in the shops of the city (“House of books”, etc.) or directly in the administration of the Union without retail mark-up.

– In the city centre passed the “Baltic yacht week” which is included in this record number of events around the city: 6 regattas, 5 exhibitions, 4 open day at yacht clubs and museums, a conference, a beautiful street photo exhibition, which was decorated with a green area of Saint Petersburg for a month. In formation of the exhibition was attended by leading yachting photographers of the country who gave us their best work in recent years.

– 2018 went down in history as the year when the long-awaited descent copy of the legendary 54-gun linear ship of the Petrine era “Poltava”. Reconstruction of the first linear ship of the Baltic fleet lasted more than 5 years. Today Poltava is open to the public and operates as a Museum.

– The real pride was the exhibition “Russian sailing – 300 years!” we’ve compiled entirely from the private collections of yachtsmen and yacht clubs of the Northern capital. The awards, brought from distant voyages finds, household items and utensils, greeting cards, books, gifts, clothing, paintings, flags, prints, drawings and photos, rare instruments – over 150 items were presented in the exhibition hall of the Peter and Paul fortress is open for free visits by citizens and guests of the city a month and a half.

Achievements of St. Petersburg athletes

The team of St. Petersburg in this year included 139 people. Our athletes successfully competed in national competitions, winning 9 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals at the Russian Championships in different classes, 16 gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze – at the Championships of Russia took two gold, three silver and one bronze at the IV Summer games of youth of Russia 2018.

The team currently 39 residents of St. Petersburg. This year Daniil Krutskikh was the winner of the European Championship in the age group under 19 years old and took 3rd place in overall ranking. Cyril Shanenkov took 3rd place in an international regatta Interlaghina. Bronze at several stages of the European Cup was won by Vasily Andreev/Leonid Posev (class “29th”). Alexander Lukoyanov was the winner of the competition in four sailing classes: “Optimist”, “Laser 4.7”, “Europe”, “29er”. Nikita Kodanev and Mary ryzhonkova won gold and silver medals respectively at the world Championships WISSA.

Among the achievements of adults: a silver medal Elena Kalinina at the world Championships and Europe (kite), gold Vladimir Krutskikh at the first European championship in the discipline of the Finn-Masters, the victory of the crew of the yacht VIS Sailing team at the European championship in class “SB20”, 2nd place crew of the yacht “Anna” in the transatlantic race, the Atlantic Rally of Cruisers, gold Denis Taradina in the discipline “hydrofoil” at the USA Championships, North America and other competitions, getting into gold fleet at the world championship in the class “49er” by Jan Cech and Ivan Zotov, that is the highest for the Russians in this class in recent years.

This year St. Petersburg Irina Gracheva and Fyodor Druzhinin has fulfilled all necessary qualification requirements for participation in single transatlantic race Mini Transat in 2019.

Separately it should also be noted the 12-month trek from St. Petersburg to the Antarctic circle and back crew Rusarc Aurora, the expedition to the archipelago “New Earth” and “Franz Josef Land” under the command of Boris Khryascheva, the performance of the yacht “Akela” in the international regatta of educational sailing vessels The Tall Ships Races route: Esbjerg (Denmark) – Stavanger (Norway) – Harlingen (the Netherlands).

The best athletes of the Northern capital noted by the award “yachtsman of the year St. Petersburg 2018”. Winners were determined in 12 categories, the organizing Committee has processed more than 60 applications.


In the next few years in Petersburg will open a new sailing center – “the Baltic school of ecology and sport” yachts-club, children’s school, Marina. The launch of the project took place this year. Founders were Sailing Union and sue “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”. Currently, the construction of communications for the electricity, heat, water and sewage, designed enclosed harbour in the southern part of the waters adjacent to the “Leningrad dock”. Construction of the children’s school is scheduled for completion in fall 2019.

In addition, this year began construction of a new harbour in Lahti. Two years later, the Marina of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg should become one of the best in the Baltic.

Painful main theme of the year – the prohibition of the leadership of the yacht club “SKA” exit of yachts on the water. Another yet unresolved question is inconsistent with yachtsmen redevelopment of storage taking place at the St. Petersburg River yacht club of trade unions, which can disrupt the navigation of next year.

St. Petersburg sailing Union is working on resolving these issues. The first information reported by the first person of the city, ACTING Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. On the second we went to the Leningrad Federation of trade unions to its head Vladimir Derbina asking to stop this process, and expect a response soon.

Sailors of St. Petersburg are proud that in the city on the Neva was born and is actively developing sailing sports of Russia. Today, as 300 years ago, it is hard to imagine our city without the bright and beautiful yachts on the Neva river and the Gulf of Finland. Next year we will have a world championship among juniors in the class RS:X and many other great events. Congratulations to all a happy New year!

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