Sailing Federation of the Crimea and the Chechen Republic will participate in Moscow Boat Show

Moscow sailing Federation (IPPF) during the show will stand on its colleagues from federations of the Crimea and Chechnya. Moscow Boat Show will open at the centre “Crocus-Expo” on Wednesday, March 6, and will last until the end of the week.

Guests from Crimea headed by the President of Federation Alexey Andrucki will talk about the current state of sailing and yachting in the Peninsula and draft of 11.5 m cruise sailing yacht “Tavros”. In addition, they will share information about the best places in the country for sea travel, the possibilities of Charter and corporate sailing and regattas, which will be held in the region during the year.

The main event in the current sailing season in Chechnya will be an international regatta on lake kezenoi Am. In Moscow the representatives of the local Federation will in detail tell about it to visitors. Guests will be able to feel themselves participants of a regatta right in the “Krokus-Expo” For this they will only need to wear VR glasses.

The video that formed the basis of this “attraction”, made during the first regatta on the kezenoi Am in 2017 and never showed.

If the emotions from what I have seen so capture the audience that they want to become members of the crews of the regatta this year, sign up for competitions will be straight on the bench.

We can say that on the stand they will appear a kind of piece of the exhibition in düsseldorf. Moscow Federation offers to participate in a virtual regatta simulator eSailing.PRO, created “the First Russian sailing University” (1 RU) and the MSU.

As they say, the program takes into account all peculiarities of the behavior of boats on the water, in addition to flooding.

Those who decide to check it and will show the best results, the yacht will receive prizes from the partner 1 CU.

Sports school of Olympic reserve Khlebnikovo Moscow sport Committee and sport school # 26 sport Department will exhibit at booth IFA children’s Optimist and Olympic Laser and 49er. 7-9 March, the venue will open an information center, which will be attended by George Shaiduko, Rostislav novoderezhkin, Maxim Safely, Alexei Demchenko, Constantine Scribes and Leonid Klyaiman.

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