Sail again in the Universiade program


      Sail again in the Universiade program
      The 30th Summer Universiade started in Italy in the city of Naples, the site reports. After a break of 8 years, sailing was again included by the organizers of the competition in the program.

Sail again in the Universiade program

The host country determines which 2 sports, in addition to the mandatory ones, to include in the competition program, and Italy has chosen sailing, among others. This time Italian colleagues decided to define the format of sailing competitions in the form of races with a transfer of crews on keel yachts RS21 – a relatively young class of yachts for a crew of 4 people. For gender equality, it is determined that the crews must be mixed and consist of two boys and two girls.

From one country to one to two crews are allowed, the issue of admission of the second crew is determined by the availability of free lots and the order queue. Only full-time university students are allowed to compete. For Russia, the lot was given only for one crew.

Our country in these competitions is represented by the crew of Dmitry Tretyakov, consisting of Dmitry Tretyakov (skipper), Ivan Volchkov, Marina Taran and Daria Fedyanin. This crew was selected according to the results of student qualifying competitions held on J / 70 yachts in the city of Sochi in March of this year, where he confidently defeated 6 other student crews. The guys have a large number of starts on keel yachts of this class at competitions of different levels up to the levels of the World and European Championships. In particular, Dmitry Tretyakov, as a helmsman, most recently took 32nd place out of 134 participants in the European Championship in the class J / 70. A lot of success with other crew members. The guys are generally charged and determined to win.

In Naples, they will have to fight against quite strong rivals – teams of Spain, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Australia, Austria, France, China, Korea, Switzerland, Finland. Competitions will be held in a tense situation: 16 teams are divided into two groups, within which there will be a series of transplants of 8 races. The duration of each race is assumed to be on average 15 minutes. On the last day, 8 teams will be determined by points, and the final arrangement among them will be determined by the results of one final race.

The first start is scheduled for Monday, July 8, the race will continue for 5 days until July 12. We wish our guys success and cheer for them!

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