Route du Rhum — is already eliminated

Trimaran Frenchman Sebastian Josse (Sebastien Josse) Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (ULTIME division) at dawn on 5 November came to an unknown obstacle in the Bay of Biscay 135 nautical miles from La coruña (Spain). After the collision, the sailor discovered that the nose section of his yacht on the starboard side is no more significant portion of the skin. Now Josse, who was one of the favorites of the race, will have to stay at port for repair.

“He entered into a racing rhythm, he did not have any technical problems on Board. Everything was going well,” says the managing Director of the team Josse Dardashti Cyril (Cyril Dardashti).

Unexpected critical failure occurred and aboard another trimaran from division ULTIME — Sodebo Ultim yacht Frenchman Tom Kovila (Thomas Coville). The boat was broken and the front cross beam. To repair the athlete was also forced to go in La Coruna.

Had not sweet and running now in third place in division CLASS 40 Briton Phil sharp (Phil Sharp). On his yacht Imerys Clean Energy broke the hatch of the ballast compartment. In the result, the inside of the boat got 500 liters of water. Sharp had to scoop her up and on the go to repair.

The problem with the steering actually was immobilized IMOCA Charal Frenchman Jeremy Bey (Jérémie Beyou). In the early stages, the athlete was in the forefront in their division, but now stuck at 17th position out of 20, and apparently is trying to return to shore. From the leader in its class, HUGO BOSS black Briton Alex Thomson (Alex Thomson), it separates 433,5 nautical miles.

In other divisions at the time of writing the article, the leaders were: françois Gabaret (François Gabart) on the trimaran MACIF in the class ULTIME, Thierry Bouchard (Thierry Bouchard) at Ciela Village in the MULTI50 class, Risom Yoann (Yoann Richomme) for Veedol-AIC in CLASS40, Pierre Antoine (Pierre Antoine) at Olmix in the RHUM class and MULTI Lavigne Sidney (Sidney Gavignet) at the Joyeux Café in the RHUM class MONO.

Particularly intense struggle for the first place is in MULTI50 and IMOCA classes. On the tail of the Frenchman Thierry Bouchard just 4.9 nautical miles hangs his compatriot Thibault Vase-camu (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus). Alex Thomson pursues the Frenchman Vincent RIOU (Vincent Riou). From the British is of 8.2 nautical miles.

At the end of the first day of the race, which started on Sunday from the French Saint-Malo, the leaders of the divisions received a prize from Brittany Ferries 24-Hour Trophy. In addition to the Envelope, Thompson, Anthony and Havinge got it Lal Roucairol (Lalou Roucayrol) in the MULTI50 class and Luke berry (Luke Berry) in CLASS40. Now Roucairol is in their division the last, sixth place, and clung to the coast between Vigo and Lisbon a (France). Berry continues the race in fifth place out of 53.

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