Results OptiOrange Valencia 2019

March 11, 2019

      Results OptiOrange Valencia 2019
      Gold among boys at Martin Atilla from Latvia, in girls the victory was celebrated by Maria Perello More from Majorca

Results OptiOrange Valencia 2019

In the Royal Yacht Club of Valencia, the second season of the international children's regatta competition OptiOrange Valencia ended. According to the results of three days of races, the victory in the overall standings of more than 300 participants was celebrated by the Latvian athlete Martin Attila, and among the girls won twice the world champion Maria Perello Mora from Mallorca. The best among Russians finished the regatta Vyacheslav Martus – 28th line of the overall standings.

Initiated by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club as a sparring of St. Petersburg and Valencia yachtsmen, the OptiOrange Valencia regatta already for the second year of its existence increased its membership fourfold. If in 2018 about 80 athletes competed in the framework of OptiOrange Valencia, in March 2019 320 participants arrived from Valencia, representing 16 countries.

The list of participants was impressive with the number of titles. The extensive Spanish fleet, which was represented by at least a dozen clubs in the country, was headed by two-time world champion Maria Perello Mora from Majorca and European vice-champion David Santacru Traves from Tenerife Island.

Belgium was represented by almost the full team. Ireland sent the top-5 national championship to Valencia, including the winner of the Irish Junior Championship. More than 10 athletes were teams of Great Britain, Poland, Italy. Five athletes each were commissioned by Switzerland, the Netherlands. Overseas participants were also present: teams of the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, as well as Mexico.

The Russians were the second largest team. Mainly, its members included Petersburgers from the Academy of sailing and the Rautu team, but there were also athletes from other regions.

The OptiOrange Valencia competition started on March 8 in light winds, which were profitable for a certain part of the fleet. An early leader of the competition was Jaime Hayarza Montenegro (Canary Islands), who won all three races of the first day. In the women's competition, predictably, the first was the titled Maria Perello, although in the general table she was only ninth.

The increased winds on the second and third days of the competition brought tangible changes to the standings. The early leader, Jaime Ayarza Montenegro, unsuccessfully spent the final day, and even had to leave the last race. Also ahead of schedule stopped the performance and his teammate Javier Oheyda, who after the eighth race led the overall standings, but was forced to move to the third line of the men's standings on the basis of the competition.

On the contrary, during all the days the future winner of the competition, Latvian Martin Atilla, progressed with confidence. On the first day he was the sixth, then he rose to the fourth and, as a result, thanks to two victories on the final day, he finished first.

In the women's standings Maria Perello Mora reigned supreme, in the general standings she rose from ninth place on the first day to the second – in the final. An even longer way to the podium was accomplished by Maria's teammate, Nicola Sadler, who took second place in the women's competition and won in the competition among younger athletes (under 13). Nikola started outside the top ten, but was able to beat older rivals and finish with two medals.

The winners of the first season of OptiOrange Valencia, "academics" Maxim Shaposhnikov and Arkady Karmanov have already changed the class of yachts. In the new season, the Russian team significantly rejuvenated, and for the guys the rivalry with the titled Europeans turned out to be more than useful. Six Russian athletes entered the "golden" fleet, and the best result was shown by Vyacheslav Martus – 28th line. A representative of the sailing dynasty achieved one parish in the troika and generally showed a stable result throughout all the days of the regatta.

“Compete with experienced rivals from Europe is very useful for our young people,” commented the coach of the Optipro program Sergey Semenov, “here all the mistakes immediately become obvious. For our guys who are gaining strength, this is an invaluable experience, especially before the start of the season. ”

In addition to the competition itself, OptiOrange Valencia was filled with various entertainment events for young athletes. Every day after the races, in addition to treating delicious paella and fresh orange juice, the guys took part in various activities of the sailing festival. The culmination was the drawing of a new Optimist class yacht among all participants. The owner of such a valuable prize was Herman Villalba Rebolo from Cartagena.

“I believe that this season we have achieved all our goals,” says Denis Pilipenko, Managing Director of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, “our initiative to hold OptiOrange Valencia was supported by a large number of European schools; thanks to the excellent conditions of Valencia, we managed not to disappoint the participants and to hold the maximum number of races, that is, the winner was deservedly determined; among other things, we managed to make friends from different countries, and this is simply priceless. I am sure that next year we will make the regatta even better, even more popular and interesting for the participants. ”

Regatta sponsors are Garmin, North Sails, ZuMEX and Sailing Cuack.

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