Regatta, which will be remembered for a long time


      Regatta, which will be remembered for a long time
      33 crews took part in one of the oldest regattas in Russia – St. Petersburg Sailing Week. The regatta originates in 1898, its length is more than 300 miles. In one week, the crews traveled along the route St. Petersburg – Kronstadt – Sosnovy Bor – about. Gogland – Vyborg – Primorsk – St. Petersburg.

Regatta, which will be remembered for a long time

Participants competed in several test groups: ORC, Taurus, Quarterton, L-6, Carter-30. The two largest groups of participants in the regatta – "Six" and ORC – totaled 13 pennants. As part of the sailing week, the championship of Russia in the class “Cruising yacht“ L-6 ”was held. If last year in the regatta there were 2 classes of yachts – L-6 and ORC, then this year Taurus, Carter 30 and Quarterton yachts were added to them. At the same time, in 2019 there are almost twice more boards than in 2018.

For the first time in the history of the regatta, a foreign boat came to the start. The Finnish “Anastasia II” (ORC test group) went through all the stages of the competition and won a prize in their group, making very serious competition to sailors from St. Petersburg.

“For us, this is a real sensation. Most importantly, they not only traveled the entire distance, but visited the island of Gogland, promptly receiving all the necessary permits. The crew plans to be at the regatta most likely next year. We hope that this will not be the only foreign boat and that we will be able to attract not only Finnish, but also Estonian riders. We also expect that more boards will be launched next year, ”shared the chairman of the organizing committee of the regattas St. Petersburg Sailing Week and the Russian championship in the class“ Cruising Yacht L-6 ”Boris Freiman.

This year 9 stages of the regatta took place: long crossings and dynamic coastal races. Not all participants completed the full itinerary of the sailing week. The quarter-takers were only at the stages St. Petersburg – Kronstadt and Kronstadt – Sosnovy Bor. The pearl of the competition is the race around the island of Hogland. The crews circled it in light winds, which allowed to fully enjoy the beauty of this unique Baltic island.

The race in the city of Vyborg has become the most intense and dynamic. It took place almost in extreme weather conditions. The wind speed was 18 knots, in gusts – up to 30, and the route passed among numerous islands and stones. At the start, two L-6 class boats collided. The Varyag yacht violated the rules of discrepancy and did not yield to the Nika yacht, which had an advantage. The Varangian crashed into the stern of the Nika; as a result, the yacht lost control for some time and turned 180 degrees. Both boats were damaged, but continued to compete and went through all the stages.

The most intense struggle in this regatta was precisely among the monotypical “sixes”, positions in the standings changed after each stage. The constant leaders throughout the race were the yachts Nika and Lena, who fought for first place. Before the final stage, they shared only 0.14 points. At the last stage, “Lena” pulled ahead, which allowed her to become the winner of the Russian Championship in the “Cruising-racing class of yachts“ L-6 ”and to be the first in her test group at the XXIII St. Petersburg Sailing Week.

– The opponents fought to the last. We tried to squeeze the Nika yacht, ”says Sergey Bandelikov, a member of the Lena yacht team. – They were great, they fought to the last, but at the last stage we were faster and went around them.

Silver following the results of the championship of Russia in the "Cruising and racing class of yachts L-6" at the yacht "Nika", bronze at the "Cupid".

Results of the St. Petersburg Sailing Week:

ORC Grade Group:
1st place – Fregat yacht, 2nd place – Mir yacht, 3rd place – Anastacia 2 yacht

Grade group Taurus:
1st place – Fregat yacht, 2nd place – Margot yacht

Score Group Quarterton:
1st place – Fiji yacht, 2nd place – Tuulelau yacht

Credit group Carter-30:
1st place – “Horn”

The awarding ceremony for the winners and prize-winners of the competition was held on the battleship Poltava in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg.

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