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      Championship of Russia in sailing in the class "Cruising Yacht L-6" will be held August 10-18

Real school cox

The championship announced 14 yachts of class L-6. The regatta will take the route St. Petersburg – Krondshtat – Sosnovy Bor – Gogland Island – Vyborg – Primorsk, it is about 350 nautical miles. The competition is held in coordination with the regatta "St. Petersburg Sailing Week – 2019".

“Today the L-6 is one of the most affordable and relatively inexpensive opportunities to go to the present sea voyage on a cruising yacht,” says the president of the L-6 Class Association, Andrei Berezkin. – The maintenance of any yacht of this size, and especially a wooden yacht built in the 1970s, is expensive, both in repair and in running costs for parking, maintenance and storage. Most of the remaining "six" belong to the yacht clubs, which provide free parking for their yachts. This significantly reduces the cost of the team, limiting them to the cost of repairing the yacht, which, with a large number (about 30 people), requires a relatively small financial expenditure of each team member. And of course, it is necessary to note the huge amount of work on these yachts, produced by the team during the period of repair and preparation for the season, without which it is impossible to do on any wooden yachts. All this is valuable primarily for young people and students – those who are willing to study and work at sea, who have more time than money. On the deck of the L-6 on a cruise around the Baltic, a young yachtsman will receive a maritime practice that she will never find on a charter cruise in the Mediterranean. ”

The project of the yacht of cruising and racing class L-6 was developed in 1958 in the design office of the Leningrad experimental shipyard of the sport shipbuilding of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions. Its author, Anatoly Petrovich Kiselev, relied on the experience of creating keel yachts of classes L-60, L-45 and L-30, they were built before the Great Patriotic War – the races in these classes have been held since 1936. Yachts L-6 – the most popular national class of cruising and racing yachts of the open sea, all the other series of boats that were built in the Soviet Union and in Russia, are much smaller in number. These vessels became a real helmsman’s school, many famous yachtsmen underwent naval training precisely on the “sixes”.

The organizers of the regatta: Public organization “Association of cruising and racing yachts of class“ L-6 ”; RSA SPbRYak Yachtsman, jointly with the Private Enterprise St. Petersburg River Yacht Club of Trade Unions; St. Petersburg Regional Public Organization "Association of Sailing Sports" St. Petersburg Sailing Union "; St. Petersburg Yacht Club.


Press Service of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Olga Sidorovskaya, [email protected], + 7-921-77118-12

President of the Association “Association of cruising and racing yachts of class“ L-6 ”, Andrei Alekseevich Berezkin, + 7-911-95444-99

Director of the Czech Republic “L-6”, Mikhail Mikhailovich Lepeshkin, [email protected], + 7-921-99808-08

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