RCS high speed interceptor Barracuda SV11

Ireland’s Safehaven Marine has introduced high-speed RCS-interceptor Barracuda SV11 designed for use in law enforcement and the armed forces. The boat is equipped with a fighting compartment-designer, fitted in the bow, equipped with a lifting mechanism and adjustable for different weapons.

Barracuda has a deep V-shaped hull made of carbon fiber with four sponsons for quick planing. The ship is equipped with two electro-diesel plants with a capacity of 2 x 575 HP, which, combined with design features ensure a maximum speed of 35-40 knots.

Depending on configuration, the maximum body length ranges from 11 to 13.7 metres, maximum width of 3.95 to 4.2 meters, a displacement of 9 500 to 12 500 kg. Draft: 0.85 m with a water-jet engines and 1.15 meters with standard net system. Fuel capacity is 1000 liters, water supply of 50 litres. An independent cruising range of 200 nautical miles.

The boat has three working watertight compartment and can accommodate 2-3 person crew. Depending on the existence of weapons on Board may also be 3-4 passengers.

Below are photos from sea trial of the RCS-interceptor Barracuda SV11.

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