Raura is behind …


      Raura is behind …
      The attempt of the Swiss Alan Raura to set a new record for crossing the Atlantic – from New York to Cape Lizard (the southernmost point of the UK island) – is continuing on an IMOCA class yacht Open 60.

Raura is behind ...

The next, sixth day of sailing, for the 26-year-old Raur and his La Fabrique were the most difficult: a wide calm lane turned in their way, which significantly slowed down the progress. More recently, the Swiss was ahead of the record schedule of Mark Guillemo (who in 2013 safran overcame the distance from New York to Cape Lizard in 8 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes and 20 seconds), and today at noon he was already behind him.

True, the gap is the minimum – 12.8 nautical miles. Catch up and overtake his virtual rival Ruar fully capable. But – will it be possible in practice?

We will know very soon. Only 368 miles to go.

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