Racing simulators

February 18, 2019

      Racing simulators
      Kirill Shunenkov became the winner of the first ever Virtual Skipper competition in the history of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg

Racing simulators

For the first time in history, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club accepted a competition in cybersport – Academy athletes competed in the Virtual Skipper 3 sailing racing simulator. 47 athletes from the Optimist, 420, Laser groups and the Naval School registered for the virtual regatta.

Competitions on such simulators allow yachtsmen of the whole world to improve their tactical skills and knowledge of the theory of sailing races during periods when outcrops are impossible.

On February 16, qualifying races were held, and on February 17 – semi-finals and finals.

Mikhail Khristianovsky, the main organizer of the virtual regatta, said that the races were very emotional. “I don’t remember that I ever made children cry before (laughs). But races are races, only one can win. In general, everything went very well, the coaches noticed that the drivers behave in virtual races in the same way as in real conditions. And this is very valuable – a coach in relatively calm conditions can help an athlete deal with tactics, learn how to make the right decisions. Very young riders in this format also better learn the rules of sailing races.

We are planning to hold another competition before the start of the season, making minor adjustments to the regulations to reflect the experience gained.

As a result, prizes were distributed as follows: 1st place – Shunenkov Kirill, 2nd place – Nikita Chernykh, 3rd place – Nikanov Marat, and in the final Kirill showed 3 first wards in three races! All participants in the final received valuable prizes from the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg and the Academy of Sailing.

Kirill Shunenkov also showed the fastest passing of the distance – 21.18, having received the Nord Stream Race photobook for this.

As Kirill himself noted, correctly chosen tactics and knowledge of the rules of sailing races helped to win. “I liked the competition, sometimes it was very difficult. If the schedule allows (Kirill is a member of the national team in the class “Optimist” – note EK), I will gladly take part in the next regatta! ”

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