Provezza leads

January 6, 2019

      Provezza leads
      In Fremantle (Australia) continues the world championship in the class of "Dragon". Today, January 6, two races took place (there were five of them in total).

Provezza leads

As before, the current champion is leading – the team under the Turkish flag Provezza Dragon with skipper Andy Bedsworth. In two races of the day, the team marked the 4th and 1st parishes. Now Provezza has 13 points, and she is 6 points ahead of the second-placed British Louise Racing (skipper Grant Gordon).

Russian crews – Rocknrolla Dmitry Samokhin and Annapurna Anatoly Loginov – after five races on the 6th and 9th positions, respectively (33 and 54 points).

Full results after five races –

372 January 6, 2019 # 8710

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