Princess 30M: big premiere

Princess 30M is rightfully called a superyacht. In addition to being 100 feet long, her design, build quality, equipment and performance make this yacht “superb”.

Princess 30M is rightfully called a superyacht. In addition to being 100 feet long, her design, build quality, equipment and performance make this yacht “superb”.

At the exhibition in Dusseldorf, where the Princess 30M, a new model of the M-Class line of the British shipyard, was presented for the first time, the yacht aroused the keen interest of the public not only because it turned out to be the largest exhibit of the boat show. Long before the public screening, there was talk that there would be a lot of interesting and unusual things. It was for this unusual that the curious crowded all the opening hours of the exhibition in line at the Princess Yachts stand.

Yacht Princess 30M is distinguished by individuality of deck layout and equipment set

And I came in the morning, even before the opening, and calmly walked around the yacht.

Far and near

This motor yacht, belonging to the architectural-structural type RPH (Raised Pilot House), became the beginning of the M-Class line of the Princess brand, replacing the Princess 32 M.

Dossier Princess 30M

100 ft (30.45 m)

23 ft (7.05 m)

7 ft (2.06 m)

108 t

Fuel supply:
12 200/14 500 l

Water supply:
1600 l

3850-5270 hp


5 people

Bernard Olesinski / Princess Yachts

RINA (рleasure) / MCA

Great things are seen at a distance … You notice the yacht in Hall No. 6 even from afar, and the greatness of “Her Highness” immediately covers you. It is only later that you begin to look closely at the characteristic modern lines, surfaces, elements of the hull and superstructure. With the initial feeling of complete resemblance to the Princess 32 M and Princess 35 M, external differences – both general and in detail – are quickly identified. And what awaits us inside? ..


It was only possible to get on board through the hydraulic stern platform. The design is typical: there are hardly such yachts without such a platform, but here it is somehow not particularly small. On the transom you see a can (it must be nice to sit on with your feet in the sea when the platform is lowered), a tender garage door (up to 4.5 m long), an entrance to the engine compartment, a socket for a removable automatic shower rod …

In the cockpit, where steps lead from both sides, there is a sofa with wide teak armrests and a large table; if you remove the middle section, you get two tables with a passage between them. There is a high bulwark, powerful mooring devices (winches, bollards, haws, etc.), in the left wing of the superstructure there is a control post for mooring. It is impossible not to note the original lighting of the wet bar: lately the shipyard has been paying great attention to lighting schemes, which is absolutely true – all other things being equal, effective lighting makes it especially attractive.


Through a large-scale two-part tinted glass door I enter the salon. Its unobtrusive division into a sofa and dining area does not interfere with the perception of the room as a single space. A folding balcony is arranged on the starboard side – another integral part of superyachts (the Princess 35M has two of them). Although only the glass of the balcony door reaches the floor, and the rest of the windows end at the level of the sofa backs (there is no point in lowering them further), the glazing area of ​​the cabin and, accordingly, the illumination is fair.

The construction of the balcony at the shipyard has been worked out to perfection; rails and handrails are removed and put into the garage or engine compartment

The sofa area of ​​the salon with armchairs, poufs and a TV stand (at the shooting point), which can turn towards the audience

A dining table with a macassar table top (ebony) is one of the striking design details of the interior

The well-equipped galley has a dedicated serving area

The crew dines in the galley; from here, the ladder leads down to her premises

Curved lines dominate the interior; straight lines are few, but there are no corners at all. Curves are visible in the ceiling and wall panels, in the furniture … The large oval dining table, finished in macassar, looks chic, as does the chairs upholstered in Alcantara. The furniture in general impresses with its artistic taste – even the handles of the chest of drawers are non-standard, covered with leather with metal tips. The ceiling and walls are upholstered in silk, and the bulkhead at the end of the saloon is decorated with a wooden panel: just like much else on the yacht, it is custom-made …


Further forward on the main deck is the master stateroom. Entering there, I involuntarily raise my eyes to the ceiling with three glass sections – together with the side glazing, they give a sea of ​​light. There is a huge square bed, a dressing room and a separate wardrobe, a make-up table, a bar with a refrigerator, and a large dressing room. The decoration used wood, leather, matting, silk … I saw natural stone and thought of marble, and it turned out to be insanely expensive granite Giallo Veneziano almost from Brazil. But beautiful! The interior here is from Fendi Casa, but it can also be ordered for the exclusive design projects of the fashion houses Armani Casa and Missoni Casa, Hermes and, of course, Princess Design Studio.

A separate gangway leads to the guest cabins below. Their configuration is simple: closer to the bow – two symmetrical with twin beds, midships – a VIP cabin or two guests instead; each cabin has its own toilet room. Separate beds are equipped with a drive and must move … I try: one bed starts earlier than the other, reaches the finish line and patiently waits for the lagging one to form a single bed.

Master cabin in the bow of the main deck; transparent inserts are visible on the ceiling, giving additional light

A coffee table in the master cabin, where it is pleasant to sit, contemplating the seascape

Master suite dressing room with twin sinks and shower enclosure behind transparent door

Interior of a double VIP-cabin (option when there are two such cabins on board)

Double cabin with separate berths

The same cabin in which the beds are pushed together to form a large bed; bedside tables appear on the sides

And the crew quarters (the captain’s cabin, two doubles with bunk beds, a shared toilet with a shower), like on other M-Class yachts, are located in the bow; the obvious benefits of such a solution have already been discussed. And also the height is two meters – it is sustained in all rooms.

Flybridge and Sundeck

With its large area and the abundance of everything that stands there, the flybridge looks neither empty nor cluttered – it is so rationally and conveniently arranged for communication. Like the salon, it is divided into zones: a helm station with two armchairs, a dining room, a sofa, and a “sun room” with a jacuzzi and sun loungers. In this case, the front of the flybridge can remain in the shade: for this, it is enough to close the soft awning in the hardtop. At the exhibition Princess 30M above the jacuzzi, there was an umbrella of a complex design, although a simple awning on the racks would have been enough.

The aft flybridge has a Jacuzzi and free-standing sun loungers

Almost the entire cockpit is in the shadow of the flybridge

Another outdoor seating area is located on the foredeck. It includes a sofa, rattan table and sunbed behind the back of the sofa. Passing there, I drew attention to the high railings along the side and the lateral ports with a spring-loaded latch (from the high berth it is convenient to board through them). All in all, Princess 30M turned out to be an incredibly spacious and comfortable yacht. Therefore, I was not at all surprised when I found out that they plan to use it in the charter.

Science and technology

This Princess 30M has already been at sea: she went through a full cycle of full-scale tests, and then safely reached Dusseldorf, on the Rhine, on her own.

When yacht journalists test boats, they give actual values ​​of speed and fuel consumption, share their feelings, for example, about the course of the yacht on a wave and the efficiency of the stabilizers. For now, it remains for us to ponder, looking at the hull of the Princess 30M, about its running capabilities and operate with the figures received from the shipyard.

Princess 30M is a transient yacht; in relation to displacement hulls, with such contours, the proportion of dynamic support forces increases. If for a displacement vessel the main factor is length (“length runs”), then further, as the relative speed increases, width also begins to “work”.

For the Princess 30M, Bernard Olesinski has developed a new hull based on the increase in hydrodynamic efficiency. When determining the main dimensions, he lowered the aspect ratio (L / B ratio) compared to other M-Class yachts, bringing it to 4.3 – the minimum among similar yachts. With a considerable displacement of the vessel, this should give a gain in speed.

The steering console has four multifunction displays; there are no analog devices at all, only digital

The engine compartment is perfectly clean: to maintain it and service the engines, systems are not troublesome

The project provides for several engine options: with the most powerful – two MTU 16V 2000 M94 with 2637 hp each. from. – Princess Yachts reports 27 knots at 2450 rpm. The minimum power is 2 × 1925 hp. from. (Cat C32A), but even here the expected speed exceeds 20 knots. According to the shipyard, the cruising range even with the limiting engine mount is up to 1,300 miles. An additional supply of fuel in tanks with a capacity of 2500 liters (plus 20%) will be useful here.

Onboard there are ABT Trac fin stabilizers operating on the move and when parked (Zero Speed), two Onan generators of 40 kW each, ABT Trac hydraulic thrusters – 65 hp bow. with., in the stern 50 liters. from.; powerful anchor device, including two spiers.

Princess 30M is the first yacht of the brand to use modular assembly technology. The cabins are assembled separately and mounted in the hull on dampers to reduce vibration and noise. Of the interesting technical solutions, I would like to note “smart doors” – exit from the engine compartment to the deck (port side), from the saloon to the starboard side and to the galley. To open them, you need to press a button – such is the “foolproof”. Or a monitor in the captain’s cabin, on which images from security cameras are displayed: it is convenient to monitor mechanisms and systems or the crew so that they do not idle. Or a refrigerated wine cabinet in the stern. I also paid attention to the yacht ladders – to their wide steps (some of the inner ones have a soft covering) with a comfortable step and high-quality corners …

There are motor yachts built exclusively for the owner or for charter only. This new Princess 30M surprisingly successfully combines both uses of the boat, while displaying a strong personality of design and a high level of functionality.

Denis Novikov, Sales Director, Nordmarine

One would suspect that this yacht is a highly polished ceremonial specimen, if not for the various Princess, which I have seen quite a few. On tests they were all like this – with shiny interiors, serviceable systems, neatly assembled and clean (which largely depends on the owner). And this Princess 30 M, among other things, just came from England herself …

I would have walked around the yacht, but the people were already standing at the side in impatience: they also wanted to visit the largest yacht of the exhibition. Well, come in – there really is a lot to see here.


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