“Poltava” will stand opposite the Hermitage


      "Poltava" will stand opposite the Hermitage
      The linear 54-gun ship of the 4th rank "Poltava" will take part in the main naval parade in honor of the Day of the Russian Navy on July 28 for the first time. The ship will be in the center of St. Petersburg – in the Neva water area opposite the Hermitage. And on Tuesday, June 25, “Poltava” will go to Kronstadt to prepare for the parade.

"Poltava" will stand opposite the Hermitage

On June 25, “Poltava” from the St. Petersburg Yacht Club will travel to Kronstadt. There the builders will continue the preparatory work, load the ballast and install part of the guns.

The ship will spend a week in Kronstadt. After that, "Poltava" also in tow will go to the city center. On July 2, the sailboat will moor on the Promenade des Anglais and stay there until mid-July. Then "Poltava" will be moved to another place – opposite the Hermitage.

“Poltava” will go to Kronstadt with the help of two tugboats – one will be in front and the other in the rear, ”says Poltava’s main builder, Mikhail Plekhanov. “We carried out depth measurements in advance and determined the right places where we can go. In Kronstadt "Poltava" will rise to the wall, where the depths will allow the ship to reload with ballast. Our main task is to load about 100 tons of ballast and part of the guns. After that, "Poltava" will go to the city center. We always wanted Poltava to decorate parades in the center of the city and make Petersburgers happy. It will be incredibly beautiful! ”

From July 3, "Poltava" will receive visitors. Guides are preparing a unique program for all who wish to make a trip to the Petrine era. Visit the legendary sailboat of the Baltic Fleet in the historical scenery of St. Petersburg – a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Recall that last year Poltava took part in a parade in honor of the Navy Day in Kronstadt. During the parade, the 54-gun ship "Poltava" stood at the wall in the Coasting Harbor.

Olga Sidorovskaya,

head of the press service of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg

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