“Poltava” stand in front of the Hermitage

Linear 54-gun ship of the 4th grade “Poltava” for the first time will take part in the main naval parade in honor of Russian Navy Day on July 28 . The ship will stand in the center of St. Petersburg in the Neva river opposite the Hermitage. On Tuesday, June 25, “Poltava” will be released in Kronstadt, to prepare for the parade.

June 25 “Poltava” of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg will go to Kronstadt. The builders will continue preparatory work, loads the ballast and install the guns.

In Kronstadt, the ship will spend a week. Then “Poltava” also in tow will go to the city center. July 2 sailboat docks on the promenade des Anglais and will stay there until mid-July. Then “Poltava” will be moved to another place – in front of the Hermitage.

“Poltava” will go to Kronstadt by means of two tug boats – one in front and one behind,” – said the chief Builder “Poltava” Mikhail Plekhanov. – We have carried out depth soundings and identified the right place, which will be able to go. In Kronstadt “Poltava” will stand to the wall, where the depth will allow the ship to finish loading ballast. Our main goal is to load about 100 tons of ballast and part of the guns. Then “Poltava” will go to the center of the city. We always wanted to “Poltava” decorated parades in the city centre and pleased Petersburgers. It’ll be beautiful!”

3 July “Poltava” will take visitors. Guides prepared a unique program for those who want to travel in the Petrine era. To visit the legendary sailing ship of the Baltic fleet in the historic scenery of Saint-Petersburg is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

We will remind, last year “Poltava” took part in the parade in honor of Navy Day in Kronstadt. During the parade the linear 54-gun ship “Poltava” was standing against the wall in a Coastal harbour.

Olga Dorovskaya,

the head of the press service of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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