Polish yacht stuck in St. Petersburg because of the heat

Arakcheyevshchina Polish yacht Lady Dana, coming from St. Petersburg up the Neva, are now faced with an unexpected obstacle — could not take place as scheduled to pass the Ladozhsky bridge on the track “Cola”, which was today the day to breed specially for her..

The thing is that the wiring of the bridge (and the height of the mast at the yacht — 21.5 meters, which allows it to only pass under the bridges) according to the rules is permitted only when the air temperature is not above +25 degrees Celsius. Today in St. Petersburg, the air warmed noticeably stronger. Therefore, the wiring bridge for our Polish guests were moved to tomorrow from 10: 00 to 10:45 a.m. the traffic will stop and throw a bridge for the Polish people.

Lady Dana is well known in St. Petersburg and in the North of our country, she went to the polar circumnavigation of the NSR, and also a boat trip down the Neva river last fall.

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