Polish yacht stuck in Petersburg because of the heat

June 6, 2019

      Polish yacht stuck in Petersburg because of the heat
      The forty-foot four-foot Polish yacht Lady Dana, going up Petersburg along the Neva River, faced an unexpected obstacle today – could not pass the Ladoga bridge on the Cola highway, which was supposed to be diluted for her this afternoon, as scheduled ..

Lady Dana is well known in Petersburg and the Northern Sea Route.

The fact is that the layout of the bridge (and the height of the mast at the yacht is 21.5 meters, which allows it to pass only under diluted bridges) is allowed by the rules only when the air temperature is not higher than +25 degrees Celsius. Today in St. Petersburg, the air warmed up much stronger. Therefore, the bridge layout for our Polish guests was postponed until tomorrow: from 10:00 to 10:45 in the morning, the movement of cars would stop and make a bridge for the Polish guests.

Lady Dana is well-known in St. Petersburg and in the north of our country, she already went to the Arctic Around the World Route, and went down the Neva last fall.

St. Petersburg, Russia: Petersburg 716 June 6, 2019 # 9085

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