“PIRogovo”. At the last moment!

July 15, 2019

      "PIRogovo". At the last moment!
      The fifth stage of the Supreme Division of the National Sailing League ended in St. Petersburg, according to the website http://nationalsailingleague.ru. Water battles took place in the waters of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

"PIRogovo". At the last moment!

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The following teams took part in the V stage: Calipso (steering Ilya Polishchuk), “Sail Lord-ASIA” (Sergey Musikhin), “PIRogovo” (Yuri Morozov), ZID art Sailing team (Zoran Paunovich), Burevestnik Sailing Team (Maxim Titarenko) , RUS7 (Sergey Shevtsov), “Academy of Sailing Yacht Club of St. Petersburg” (Anna Basalkina), Rocknrolla Sailing Team (Andrey Novikov), ArtTube RUS1 (Valeria Kovalenko), NAVIGATOR Trem (Alexander Peterson), Black Sea (Andrey Malygin ), “CSKA” (Mikhail Poslamovsky), “Akhmat” (Alexander Bozhko), “KOMATEK” (Vyacheslav Frolov), Parusnik74.ru (Edward Podshivalov), “East-West” (German Tolsto ), "Area 23" (Eugene Nikiforov) Matryoshka (Natalia Kravets), "OSK" (Maxim Nikolaev), X-Fit (Vladimir Silkin) and guest team Amaiz Sailing Team (Sergey Dobrovolsky).

For three racing days, 35 starts were given, the calculation was made on 13 races. Sunday almost completely changed the position of teams within the standings. For 12 races held the leader was replaced several times.

The leader of the first two days of the Tuapse Calipso recorded one fifth and two seventh of the ward. This result lowered the team of Ilya Polishchuk to seventh place.

Winning the 26th race helped the ArtTube RUS1 team win silver. Congratulations to the team of Valeria Kovalenko – this is the second podium of the team this season. Stable Sunday performance of the Rocknrolla Sailing Team ensured the preservation of the third result in the standings. Note that the number of points in both teams is equal – the fate of the second position was decided by the number of first arrivals.

The fight for the first line of the standings was fought between four teams. For a long time, Anna Basalkina’s “Academy of Sailing Club of St. Petersburg” team held the lead, but the eighth parish in the penultimate race lowered the crew to the fourth line of the protocol. Close to the cherished podium was the team "CSKA". The team of Mikhail Poslamovsky won three times in all three racing days. The result of the stage – the team closes the top-5.

The winner of the stage was the team "PIRogovo". Excellent performance provided the team of Yuri Morozov a gold medal. Congratulations!

The final of the Higher League Division will be held in August in Kaliningrad.

Results of stage V NSL –


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