“Picturesque” magic water

Unusual underwater photos that look like paintings in the Baroque style

The Baroque art is known for its catchy svetimosti and dynamism. But oil paint, as it turns out, is not the only means available to the artist working in this style. Christy Lee Rogers (Lee Rogers Christy) personal experience proves that “draw” can also be… water! Can this be real? Not deceive either ourselves or you don’t, however, a certain amount of common sense in our words is, after all, If Rogers has reached a level of skill in photography, her works made for the camera, an untrained eye it is absolutely impossible to distinguish from the canvases painted in the Baroque style.

“Any day could be your last, and I knew I would not forgive myself if I did all I was capable of,” said Christy Lee Rogers in an interview Photofairs.

So, photo a La paintings authored by a native of the Hawaiian Islands. The project was called Muses.

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“The waking dream”

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“Reunion, Katherine, Carrie and Jane”

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“Lose yourself again today”

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“In seventh heaven”

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And a little of the glory

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