Peter started the Marblehead Trophy

Sunday, July 21, at the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg took place the opening ceremony of the regatta Marblehead Trophy, 2019 in the yacht class “Dragon”.

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To participate in the race allowed 22 teams from the yacht clubs of great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Finland, France and Estonia. They all gathered in the main tent regatta, where with a greeting addressed to them by the leaders of the organizing Committee and representatives of the judiciary.

President of the Russian Association of a class “Dragon” Boris Latkin reminded that 2019 Marblehead Trophy – the jubilee regatta with the 90-year history. To be part of this history is a great honor for the organizers and participants of the competition. “We look forward with great pleasure and in a fair fight will determine who will own the Cup the next year” said Latkin.

Regatta Director Tatiana Kurbatova in his speech, also wished the teams interesting sport of wrestling and reminded that in addition to the competitions, the regatta offers an interesting coastal program. The number of sponsored surprises raffle, tours of St. Petersburg, a traditional dinner from the host organization. “We hope that the days spent in our city, will long remain in your memory!”

The concerns of judges in relation to weather conditions (forecast promised calm weather) by the time the first start was waved quite stable westerly winds blowing at a speed of 7-8 knots. The first race of the regatta lasted a little over an hour. It is interesting to note that all of the teams representing foreign yacht clubs, those sixty minutes were in the top ten. However, to swing on the leading position in them and failed – Anatoly Loginov confidently led the race from start to finish. Teams from Portugal, UK, as well as representing the yacht port “Hercules” Dmitry Samokhin, one after another, chased the crew Cup holders. However, he did not succeed in this fight.

The second race of the day confirmed the known truth that the protection of its Cup holders is no easy task. Of the applicants for the historic trophy enough desire, effort and skill to aggressively fight for the honorary prize. The Portuguese Pedro Andrade was the first and on the top sign on the gates, and only at the last full course lost the fight for Anatoly Loginov and Dmitry Samochine. Close behind the leaders finished team of Gerard Blanca and Dmitry Bondarenko. This time celebrating the victory Samokhin, who scored the 4 points. At one point in Loginov, one more – Portuguese riders.

Pedro Andrade (Portugal):

– In the first race we tried to keep for Anatoly Loginov and at some point was even close to beat him, but… the Second race we started very well, a good start, was leading on the first loop, but then the wind played with us a cruel joke, and by the time the second time we went to the upper sign, we have caught up with rivals. And here around we have made the biggest mistake in this race, performed an extra turn instead of just go to the finish line. I guess the reason for that was the loss of concentration – was affected by our tiredness due to the fact that the day before we arrived late, and early in the morning had to prepare the boats for racing. In result, he lost two places its closest rivals.

The results of the first day

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