Pastrovich Studio presents a concept mega yacht X-Ballet

Design Studio Pastrovich Studio, located in Monaco, has introduced the concept of a 92-foot expedition yacht X-Ballet. The designer, known for his eccentricity, has offered quite traditional. At the same time, the project is replete with lots of working spaces, includes a private dock for submarines and is universal, created by Pastrovich Studio platform can be realized in the length range from 50 to 92 metres.

The ship will accommodate on Board up to 18 guests in 9 staterooms, with a team of 38 people. Among the notable features of the interior – beach house on the main deck, where the night, like on the sandy shore, get a fire started, and the bar under a canopy where you can enjoy ice cream and cocktails, the music.

“We followed all of our philosophy, establishing communication between the interior and exterior, to create and multiply human emotions aboard X-Ballet,” says Pastrovich. “There is also another really important connection that we have implemented in the framework of the project – between the boat and in the water: in the aft part of the X-Ballet has a dock for small private submarines, with which it will be possible to inquire more deeply into the sea.”

The mega yacht has a maximum length (LOA) of 92 meters, a maximum width of 16.2 meters, maximum draft of 5 meters. On Board provides a helipad, a garage and additional storage space for tenders and jet skis. It is assumed that the ship can reach speeds of 18 knots and have a considerable stroke range.

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