Passions around “the endeavour”

This year marks 250 years since the first meetings of Europeans and indigenous New Zealanders. As part of the celebrations HMB Endeavour – or rather, a replica of the famous sailing ship of captain cook – a must visit this fall, a number of new Zealand cities.

But that’s “endeavour” is suddenly in the center of a scandal. Here is what the website

“A copy of the ship captain James cook’s Endeavour do not want to see in the harbour town of Mangonui on the North island of New Zealand.

The chief of the Maori tribe Ngati KAU — anahera of Herbert graves forbade him to enter the port, as planned in the framework of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the first meeting of Europeans and indigenous inhabitants of the Islands.

To explain the ban, they are those that do not consider the famous Navigator, the discoverer of their lands.

Leader Herbert-graves said that the British Explorer James cook “simply seized the land of the Maori as a barbarian, he did not open here”, and “all sorts of euphemisms like “first meeting on the shore” do not change the meaning of what 250 years ago, it was invasion.”

In addition, said the leader, directly cook “did not come into the Mangonui harbour and landed on these shores”, so that they have nothing to celebrate.

In the end, the voice of the Maori tribe Ngati KAU was heard.

The Harbor of their hometown had been removed from the list of stops flotilla in commemoration of the 250th anniversary “of the first meetings on the shore” between Maori and new Zealanders of European descent have for September-October to around the entire coast of New Zealand”.

…So captain cook and the sailing ship 250 years later became the “unwanted guests”. But, imagine, it’s not the only news concerning the famous traveler and his equally famous sailing ship. Here is the message of the website under the headline “Scientists believe they have discovered the legendary “endeavour”:

“HMS Endeavour (His Majesty’s Ship “endeavour”) – the first ship commanded by British Explorer and discoverer of the eighteenth century by captain James cook. In 1768-1771, he sailed in the “Endeavour” to Tahiti, established friendly relations with the local aborigines, and later went to the shores of New Zealand, and then reached the East coast of Australia and named it New South Wales and discovered the Strait between Australia and New Guinea.

Scientists even 20 years ago, identified the approximate location of the sunken ship, but only now it managed to find its wreckage. Researchers believe that the “endeavour” lies in the waters of the Harbor of Newport, state of Rhode island. Members of the Maritime archaeological project on the Rhode island (RIMAP) descended and took samples from the seabed that were sent for laboratory analysis.

“We don’t think we find anything that directly tells us: “Captain cook slept here” is unlikely. But everything we saw is consistent with the fact that this is the “endeavour,” says Kathy Abbas of the Project Maritime archaeology in Rhode island.

“Endeavour” was decommissioned shortly after his return to Britain, and then sold to the Royal Navy in private hands, and its name was changed to “Lord Sandwich”.

After a few years the UK has hired “endeavour” as a transport vessel for troops involved in the American war for independence. Last time that “endeavour” was seen in 1778 off the coast of Rhode island. Scientists believe that the ship sank or was intentionally flooded”.

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