New semi-displacement yacht of the Ferretti Group for the first time touched the water in the Italian Ancona on 25 may 2018. It is the second yacht in a new series with a semi-displacement hull, Navetta developed shortly after 37. Less than a year after the official debut of the new model were sold in the amount of nine buildings, becoming a best-seller Custom Line. The

Beneteau Oceanis 55 – expansion of the cruise series

However, the first still of “chips” all new Oceanis series. Over the past year is appreciated by many sailors, including my friends carterlake. And special praise from them has always been hinged (electric) transom. “After giving anchor a simple touch of a button and closed the feed turns into a large beach! This “shamanism” was a feeling of envy of neighbors in the Parking lot.” Because the solution is really clever: the platform does not “bites” of the useful length. Read more

Beneteau Oceanis 58 – a whole new kind of luxury

John Carno experienced the potential of the latest Oceanis yachts before it went into the blue expanse of the sea for the more serious journey. When Ian and Andrea Treleaven say “let’s take a ride under sail”, you immediately perk up your ears. And when the choice falls on the vessel Beneteau Oceanis 58, then you probably take your camera and head to the yacht. Ian travelled to New Zealand (from Australia) and was fond of racing small yachts, but Read more

Test drive Beneteau Sense 55

Sailing yacht Beneteau Sense 55 is a great boat, not only because it is designed in a contemporary style, but also due to the presence of everything that can not be seen from the pier. First, we are talking about its comfort, which became possible due to the wide transom and vast space for relaxing in the huge cockpit. Secondly, mention should be made of and ease of management – thanks to the Beneteau company uses the latest equipment and Read more

The canals and bridges of Amsterdam

Amsterdam – one of the few cities of old Europe, which can boast the presence of man-made canals and bridges. Their appearance is the result of successful urban planning. If you look from the height at Amsterdam, we can see that channels surround the old part of the city in four concentric half-rings. They constitute about 90 Islands, connected by bridges, exceeding 1500. Along the canals are the most interesting sights of Amsterdam attracts thousands of tourists.

Sea Gypsies Bajo

They call themselves “sea Gypsies” or sailors, bajau (Bajo). This ethnic group of people, consisting of several indigenous tribes of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, are perfectly adapted to life in water. They live a nomadic life, moving freely through the vast Indian ocean, and their main occupation is fishing. On the beach they only come out for funerals, to sell their catches, to gain fresh water or for the repairs of the boats. Sea –


The new yacht built for the buyer from Brazil, went to the open sea from the Italian Ancona 6th of June 2018. Just a few days after the descent of the fourth to Navetta 33, Ferretti Group held another significant event. 4th June 2018 was launched the fifth hull of the Custom Line Navetta 37. This event once again proves the huge commercial success 28-42 metre Custom Line. Like all yachts Custom Line whose modern technology, performance and design has Read more


The high expectations that the shipyard Custom Line, part of the Ferretti Group, pinned on the new, largest-Navetta 42, was a success. The new yacht, on a project which for 2 years he worked in the Product Strategy Committee, headed by Piero Ferrari, the engineering Department of the Ferretti Group and Studio Zuccon International Project, creates the vision of the sea, expressed by the design in motion, sophisticated elegance and impressive dynamics. Like the exterior and interior design

Test drive a Beneteau Oceanis 41

Sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 41 is available in three variants-plan interior, one of which suggests the presence of three cabins and two separate WC. The yacht also comes in versions with as deep, and with a short keel. Like many sailing yachts Beneteau, two steering wheels are standard and note in the picture below for a high arch to the blocks in the boom-sheet, which keeps the boom at a height of more than 2.13 m from the surface of Read more