Overmarine Mangusta expands the range GranSport

After the release of his 54-foot flagship of the Mangusta GranSport 54 El Leon Italians from Overmarine decided to focus on something smaller. The light was a 33-metre composite Mangusta GranSport 33, the smallest representative of a line of fast displacement yacht. It renders Overmarine was first shown in their new showroom in Miami on February 13.

During the first brief before the designer Alberto Mancini (Alberto Mancini) was tasked to create a boat that will combine a minimalistic profile and soft lines, bright personality and a balance between the exterior and interior. New Overmarine had fully become a “reflection of the identity of the Mediterranean lifestyle on the yacht Mangusta”. In the course of this project, the designer has added to this list two qualities: spaciousness and privacy.

GranSport 33 welcomes guests with a wide (7.4 V-meter) a platform near the water at the stern and the same wide cockpit on the main deck. For renderam and description, which the Builder gives to this Mangusta is not yet clear whether it is possible to use a stern garage for the tender as a large beach club, as conceived, for example, Heesen Aquamarine. However, if the owners of the GranSport want them it is unlikely that it will be able to stop. About the cockpit of the Overmarine reported only that it “is equipped with everything necessary,” and, judging by the images, we can add: “a sofa, a table and couple of chairs for relaxation.”

Further, in the depth of the main deck is situated the salon, galley and owner’s Suite.

With Windows from floor to ceiling everywhere at this level of the boat ample natural light and air. A pair of Windows in the cabin open, so if you want in living room you can always let in the sea breeze and air it.

The galley adjoins the salon, making the staff easier to serve guests.

The location of the master cabin on the main deck, according to Overmarine, has become one of the key decisions in the project. This helped to make the cabin the most spacious and at the same time, sheltered from prying eyes and ears, so that the owners can enjoy the solitude that nothing disturbs. For guests on GranSport 33 there are four cabins on the lower deck. Only by boat can be up to 12 guests and 5 crew members.

Mancini has developed impeccable interiors in the Italian style, which “fit perfectly to the exterior of the boat.” However, the shipyard is open to customer suggestions regarding decor and layout, so the yacht’s interior spaces can easily be personalized.

On the spacious flybridge GranSport is just two relaxation areas, one with bar and sunbeds for enjoying the sun at the stern, the other with a sofa and a table for alfresco dining, a large communal lounge and a Jacuzzi on the nose.

The line Mangusta Overmarine GranSport was conceived as not only stylish but also technologically. One of the key characteristics that unites all models of the series is the use of high technologies, which allow guests to feel on the boat as comfortable as possible and when driving at high speeds, and during a leisurely cruise far more transitions.

In the case GranSport 33 the ship will accelerate innovative propulsion: four engines Volvo Penta D13 1000 735kW IB with a capacity of 1,000 horsepower each, connected to four bottom speakers Volvo Penta IPS 1350. This combination has allowed to achieve low levels of vibration and noise. In addition, these engines are very compact and, therefore, they do not require a large engine room and on the boat there is an additional space that can be used by the GranSport owner and his guests.

The selected engines are working effectively across a range of speeds, including the maximum 26 knots.

Fuel consumption is optimized, and the exhaust system meets the strictest standards of the international Maritime organization (IMO) Tier III and the us Agency for environmental protection (EPA) Tier 3.

Thanks to the Joystick Docking and dynamic positioning system that allows the boat to stay in the set position, 33 GranSport will be maneuverable during docking. And comfortable anchoring to be provided by the Humphree system: four fin stabilizer, electronically integrated with “active spoilers” installed on the transom.

Shallow draft (just 1.9 m when fully loaded) will allow you to fearlessly go for the new Mangusta and the Mediterranean, and the Bahamas, and in the heart of new York’s long island.

The construction of the first 33 GranSport has already begun. It is expected that the owner will get it in 2020.

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