“Our results are very good”

The head coach of the national team in sailing Natalia Ivanova shared with the press service of the WFTU impressions of the completed third stage of the world Cup Hempel 2019 World Cup Series.

– First of all I must say about the weather, and the beginning of Natalya Ivanova. – Everyone was very surprised that in Genoa there was no wind. After these competitions almost all of our riders noted that in Sochi, it turns out, the perfect conditions for a regatta. All the days of the world Cup the wind was up to four knots, the judges barely grind race. The breeze did not come, and when they did come, it is extremely unstable. And only one day the wind was up to seven knots.

In General, very weak, unstable, completely neperedavaemye the wind. Dealing with him was very difficult. If we analyze the results of the regatta, it is clear that they are quite strange. In many classrooms there was very little racing, so almost each of them was crucial. One bad race could drop you far – as it happened in the 470 class with the Swedes, Carl-Fredrik Fock and Marcus Dacamara, “flown away” from the first place outside dozens. In General, all very much were going back and forth in the standings and is a sure indicator that the regatta was something not quite normal…

As for our results, they are not very good, – continued the head coach of the team. And only the crew Jan Cech/ Ivan Zotov in the class 49th again pleased (steel 15 mi. – Approx. ed.). For guys this is a very good performance, they surely are progressing, they have a good mood. I hope this trend continues throughout the season, and they will be able to complete the task: take in December for the Olympic games. The time they have.

Sergei Komissarov, of course, wanted to see higher in the standings-class Laser. But, as in Majorca, there was a double impression from his speech. There is a positive side is the fact that all the parishes he has in principle good for wind. Last year he was in the gentle breeze showed a much lower result. But in Majorca he had managed to grab two “bagel”, and now another one. However, for what it twice “hyped”, he and his coach did not understand. It happened at the beginning of the regatta, and of course, Sergei is strongly pushed back in the standings. With this disqualification, he became more cautious chase. He had no right to a second mistake, and this means that he was unable to take the start from the right angle, to take risks, to go in some direction… I mean, this is a completely different style of racing. And here Sergei had to take a more conservative approach, which, of course, complicated the conduct of the regatta.

In the 470 class, Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov are unable to solve tricky weather. And this is exactly what did not contribute to the penalty for a false start in the first race in which they finished third. Although, according to the boys, got out of pallota, and “recorded” only the French. Of course, this is very disappointing. And when you for the first race of the “bagel” to the regatta next is much harder: you, as in the case, Sergei, can’t risk it. Well, the wind did not understand. According to Paul and Denis, when the wind is right – they are on the left. The wind on the left – all the signs need to go, but in the end there is again not profitable… and Therefore such a result. Again, in the last two races on the last day, went very well, but both races were cancelled. In General, all the guys went wrong. But they don’t despair, you know where and what mistakes were made, and continue to prepare.

Further all have the European Championships starting in may. Main starts this year – the world Championships, so everyone is preparing for major regattas. Nevertheless, the European championship is an important preparatory regatta with good strong composition. We will be rooting for our guys to see what they will show.

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