Our far …


      Our far …
      In Crozon-Morgat (France), the European Championship continues in the class “Optimist”, in which, as we have already said, 176 young men and 117 girls take part.

Our far ...

By the sum of five races, the best of the Russian youths, Kirill Shunenkov, takes, alas, only 74th place – 85 points, parishes 33 – 13 – (33) – 7 – 32. Vyacheslav Martus – 80th, Andrei Sotnikov – 91st , Daniel Perchik – 124th.

Daria Savinova takes the 20th place among the girls – 52 points, the parishes 13 – DNF (60) – 7 – 20 – 12. Maria Struk – on the 66th place, Arina Bratashenko – on the 70th.

Forward, guys, we cheer for you!

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