Only two races in two days


      Only two races in two days

Yesterday in Sakaiminato (Japan) began the race of the world championship in the class "Laser-radial" for both women and men.

Only two races in two days

True, the regatta is of no interest to men. 32 yachtsmen participate in it, but only 6 of them are foreigners, the rest 26 are local, Japanese.

So in the future we will talk primarily about women's competitions. 111 representatives of the fair sex are fighting for the title, who, most likely, are now wondering: why did Japan meet them with such weather conditions? With the wind, really, really bad. For two days, managed to hold only two races.

Russia in Sakaiminato represent Ekaterina Zyuzina and Valeria Lomatchenko. The more experienced Zyuzina started the championships with the 17th and 36th parishes and with 57 points takes the 57th place. Less experienced Lomatchenko on Saturday finished the 55th, but on Sunday it was the 15th. After two races, she has 70 points and 73rd position.

I want to believe that things will go further. We cheer for ours!

As for the leaders, now the Swede Yoselin Olsson is ahead – she has the 1st and 2nd parishes and, accordingly, 3 points.

Detailed results after two races –

101 Yesterday # 9280

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