One is dead, the other is missing

September 16, 2019

      One is dead, the other is missing
      Here is the message that the Polish Center for the Organization of Sea Rescue in Gdynia distributed today:

One is dead, the other is missing

On Sunday, September 15, at about 17.50, our Center received a message saying that the Polish 12-meter yacht Lilla w. Is in distress near the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda. Later new messages arrived – about rescue operations.

As it turned out, a certain gentleman saw the yacht in distress from the beach, and he reported it to the appropriate services. The wind at that moment was 9 points on the Beaufort scale (storm, 75 – 88 km / h).

The yacht was soon washed ashore, but all seven crew members, as it turned out, were in the water. Six of them were picked up by a Lithuanian rescue helicopter. Unfortunately, the captain of the yacht had died by this time.

The seventh crew member has not yet been found. He is considered missing.


What to add to this information? Take care of yourself, friends!

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