Oceanis 46.1 – a new descendant of generations of cruisers

It certainly has become one of the hottest new products that was worth to take a look at the Cannes yachting festival this year, at least when it comes to the major brands on the market of yacht manufacturing: Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 premiere and debut on the water near the Croisette. This presentation on large pontoons Beneteau recalled something familiar, almost like time travel…

She’s the new Oceanis 46.1

The fact that exactly a year ago this place was beached very similar boat: then a very long-awaited Oceanis 51.1. She was with the same slender grey body with a red stripe and the inscription “First Line”, has a very modern appearance, as well as its “lesser” sister Oceanis 46.1 is now. I asked the project Manager Clement Burke to show me the boat and was glad that he agreed .

A conversation with the project Manager Beneteau Oceanis Clement Berko

We met in one of the most peaceful days of the exhibition in a big accumulate new Oceanis 46.1 and started to talk. Clement is responsible for the Oceanis range in size from small to medium and Oceanis 46.1 is “it” the biggest yacht and his latest project. It seemed that he was very proud of this new creation, and after the first glance at the yacht, it was possible to tell with confidence: “He was proud!”

Project Manager Oceanis 46.1 Clement Berko tells about the Oceanis 46.1

“Oceanis 46.1 is primarily a cruiser, began Clement – everything on this boat is subordinated to the motto, which consists of three words: Modern. Simple. Quick” He told me that the shipyard Beneteau has done extensive research on all recent sales and asked the owners what was the main factor in making purchasing decisions. “A comparison of these factors further contributed to the improvement of the concept of the Oceanis, said Clement. – You know, we found that more than 95% of the time spent on Board, the crew is in the cockpit. So we created this huge cockpit. Take a look at the deck plan of the boat – the cockpit takes up almost half the length of the ship!”

Nice big swim platform. Note the excellent control stations

In fact, the cockpit is proportionally even greater when compared with her older sister Oceanis 51.1. Cockpit Oceanis 46.1 is a long and wide seat, also has a semi-lying areas near the entrance to the salon (this was possible because all winches are transferred back to the control stations) and a large, original table. Take a look at the clean lines of the control stations. Very nicely done.

There are a lot of natural light

We know, Clement going to the nose and easily pass guys: another example of following the slogan. The boat is designed to control the forces of one or two people. All made even easier and safer. A time when you had to Excel and go around domestic guys are gone for yachts Beneteau. On this boat the passage to the nose is safe. I like the modern design oblong superstructure with large, U-shaped portholes – very modern, almost aggressive.

Easy pass on the nose by guys

New Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 has a total length of 14.60 meters, including bowsprit, the length of the body at the same 13,60 meters. It is half a meter less than the length Oceanis 48, the production of which is gradually reduced. The width of the boats of 4.50 meters, which is slightly smaller than the old Oceanis 48. However, the new Oceanis 46.1 distinguish those recent developments in case design, and those that were used on the Oceanis 51.1, and skillful use of internal space, which makes it even more than the Oceanis 48. Let’s take a closer look.

Marine recreation area

“Oceanis 46.1 has the same characteristics concerning the management of the vessel alone, and Oceanis 51.1.” – said Clement, pointing to the roof of the wheelhouse, where classic cruisers located winches for halyards and grotesque and Oceanis 46.1 nothing. No ropes, no winches. Instead, the area is used for two additional beds with teak and cushions. Same with banks in the cockpit: the same location as on the Oceanis 51.1, good wide and long seat for guests and family.

Many, many, many areas for sunbathing…

I like the new “luxury” table cockpit from Bavaria, which is really worth the money. First of all, the table is rigidly fixed – in stormy weather or when sailing with a good roll at the table, you can conveniently grab onto or abut the legs. Here two deep compartment, one (or two?) of which can be equipped with a fridge for drinks. But the best part is the compartment for the liferaft, which is inside a table in an extremely situation, the skipper you just need to open the swim platform, to open the door of the table and pull the inflatable life raft. No dangerous stunts on the platform with the recovery of the raft. Bravo, Beneteau!

Storage liferaft and a large table cockpit cushions

Honestly, the market for sailing yachts and yachtsmen, has changed. Less and less fans of “hardcore” and more of those who go on the boat from time to time. Boom Charter fleet worldwide is an indisputable fact. People are really looking for rest areas near the water. I believe that Beneteau has found the perfect formula. Sailing, regardless of Charter or your own boat, without auxiliary boat is not the same. Oceanis 46.1, presented in Cannes, Beneteau once again came up with a good solution.

Retractable sloop-beams are optional

System retractable sloop-beams allows the crew to have on Board the boat, which is neatly stored on the stern above the transom. With this technique storage area on the boat deck before the mast can remain temporarily free. Personally I don’t like when on a sailing yacht boat stored on the roof of the wheelhouse, it prevents the penetration of sunlight inside the boat. Sloop-beams can be completely removed by sliding them in a huge locker.

The control panel is made with taste

Another nice and a good touch is a new generation of control panels used on the Oceanis 46.1, with led backlit buttons to control the platform, the lights in the cockpit, etc. “We took Oceanis to a whole new level,” says Clement, referring not only to such things as switches panel, but referring to the whole concept of the seventh generation of sailing yachts Oceanis.

The use of the newest approaches to the design of the hull

As you could read in one of the previously published articles in the new case design yacht Oceanis cheekbone starts right from the nose, the body Oceanis 46.1, designed by the famous naval architect Pascal Konkom, uses the same approach. “But with all these new and interesting things, we have maintained the basic principles that have made Bavaria one of the most successful lines of cruising yachts,” says Clement.

Smooth ramp into the cabin

This, for example, the ladder into the cabin. “It’s just a small detail and I don’t know if people pay attention to it, but for us it is almost a sacred thing: for every yacht Oceanis we make the gradient of the stairs 40 degrees. It is convenient and easy to go up and down. In this case, our ramp is longer but safer and more elegant.” And it is easy to go down. Compared to the steep 3-step ladder in my own boat, the ramp at the Oceanis almost like an escalator.

Inviting, light-flooded salon Oceanis 46.1

At the bottom of the Oceanis 46.1 interior looks very welcoming, open, friendly and thoughtful. Was used every inch of the 4.5-meter width. Compared to the “old” Oceanis 48 here, the plan of the revolutionary decks. “A small chart table at forward bulkhead with excellent double sofa facing U-shaped dining area We tried to create a cozy, friendly atmosphere and decided on a design that uses the space, but at the same time does not create in a yacht the feeling of oppression,” says Clement.

Large dining table that can also be used as a huge bed

Many built boats, sometimes even larger, I have the impression that the designers don’t know what to do with all this free space. So sometimes, they adjust furniture or sofas which do not have any functions. Or they leave a huge empty space, which can be dangerous in rough seas, when the crew does not what to grab when moving on the boat. With Oceanis 46.1 everything is different- the concept of interior design is really interesting.

The volume of this 50 foot yacht

Clement indicates L-shaped galley and tells me that the design team of Nauta Design office put a lot of effort when it came to details. “Look at this galley. It’s just beautiful. We have two possible configurations with a classic L-shaped galley, as here, or in the 4-cabin version with a large longitudinal galley on port side,” says Clement. I had taken a picture, but I liked the extra locker for kitchen utensils in front of the galley.

Classic L-shaped galley promises a lot of fun from the kitchen

Last year was an amazing detail on Oceanis 51.1 and now it is on the new Oceanis 46.1 – fold-out couch. Simply pulling the loop, you can fold the sofa in a chair for the skipper. You can lie down to rest or take a NAP. It’s brilliant!

Brilliant chaise sofa

Even more interesting appears when you enter the master cabin. Because of the new case design this cabin offers the largest volume in its class. At the foot of the bed the width of the cabin as much as 2.8 m! The island bed provides comfort, but what I love most about this boat (as well as other Oceanis models)? so that’s the big portholes that are just amazing! Not just a tiny inspection hatches are real Windows that offer great views, especially when lying on the bed.

Just amazing!

Same with the aft cabins. Oceanis 46.1 is no difference between beds, the dimensions are the same everywhere. Clement adds: “Even in 4 and 5 cabin version of this yacht that are likely to be more Charter boats, the size of the beds are the same. So we don’t have any arguments, where to go.” In the aft cabins are characterized by large Windows and additional opening Windows and portholes for ventilation. Well done!

Aft cabin Oceanis 46.1 – too big

The boat can be ordered in 4 different configurations ranging from a 3-cabin version with two bathrooms (which was presented in Cannes). In this version the starboard a large vanity area and separate shower, where I enjoyed a shower. Bow bathroom is divided into toilet and shower, which is very nice. There is also a version 3 cabins/3 bathrooms, 4 cabins/4 bathrooms and 5 cabins/4 bathrooms with the location of the galley along the side.

Oceanis bathroom – spacious and practical

The quality of the performance the Oceanis 46.1 best seen by looking in the bathroom: done well, but mostly bare plastic. Wooden items – it’s just decoration. However, living and sleeping areas better than wood-panelled than other serial yachts, the level of finish quality (at least on this boat) is amazing. I think the shipyard Beneteau has done a lot of work to transfer successful concepts and the revival of the Oceanis line, shown on the example of the Oceanis 51.1, the boat is smaller in this important in economic terms the segment of yachts 46-48 feet.

More than just sea and chill-out area

“Of course, for us Oceanis means a lot, a lot more than just have a nice yacht with a spacious and comfortable interior, says Clement, when we start talking about her sailing characteristics, – the Case is designed to provide the perfect balance between sailing performance, seakeeping, comfort and safety”. The reason for this is the clever V-shaped underwater part of the hull with flat aft, carrying the whole width of the ship back aft, and cheekbones that start above the waterline and creates this amazing internal volume.

Powerful yachting guaranteed: built-in bowsprit

Oceanis 46.1 comes with the standard grotto with a twist in the mast and automatic staysail, with a total area of 89 sq. m. is for easy-cruise version. More professional rigging (also available in carbon) version of the “First Line” – performance version with a main sail area of 120 sq. m., which thoroughly pleased with the international sailing press during the first sea trials of the yacht. Oceanis comes with a displacement of 10.5 tons – almost one ton less than its competitor, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 with 11.3 tons and performance cruiser Dehler 46 with 11.5 tons. “She goes very, very fast!” – assures me Clement.

Running rigging wound up in the stern

Of course, all the running rigging carried out under the roof with the minimum required number of blocks and rollers. Halyards and the school was in the stern right on the latch, which easily reaches the steering. It is the perfect solution to control the boat alone, but this is a limitation for crews-oriented race: all this focus on one point and limit winches for German wiring system of the grotto-the Scots not lets have some fun great crew – each member at his post. Well, Oceanis 46.1 is not intended for racing, I know …

Contact with push-button sailing

Yachtsmen who wish to invest in buying a yacht a little more, get a well-stocked boat for “push-button” control. Excellent control stations can include plotters, controllers, bow thruster and electric winches to minimize manual effort in managing the yacht.

Curvy lines

Overall a pleasant, competitive package. Which also is confirmed by pure numbers: “We sold out for the upcoming season, – says Clement, – Boat like the Oceanis 51.1, persuaded many customers to order immediately your body. Charter companies bought dozens of yachts and what makes us particularly happy, he rubbed a number of private owners who seem to understand what we want to achieve with this new seventh generation of Oceanis yachts”

Beneteau is a leader in the production of serial high-speed yacht

So, if you order a boat today, your Oceanis 46.1 will be launched at the end of December 2019 and are ready to put to sea in the season 2020. It is a huge success and confirmation that the Beneteau is on the right track. “We constantly updated range of sailing yachts from the top down and the success of the Oceanis 55.1, 51.1, and now the big launch of the new 46.1 proves that we are right,” says Clement. Together with a new approach to the revival of the legendary ruler of the First acquisition of the shipyard Beneteau Seascape makes the most interesting brand today when it comes to serial yachts. I’m happy to work for these wonderful guys.

So, I leave Oceanis 46.1 on the pontoon in Cannes and return home. I look forward to when you go for a test drive of the boat, along with her sisters – Oceanis 51.1 and 55.1. I am sure that soon I will be able to provide a thorough article on the sailing characteristics of each of these yachts. And yet: “good job, Clement and team, this is really very, very good cruiser”.

Author: Lars Reisberg

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