Oceanco Esquel: the comfort of home on a space ship

Dubai International Boat Show opened on February 26. For five days, until 2 March, visitors to the exhibition expect presentations of the new boats. One of the first in this series was assumed by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco, which first showed a 105-metre Explorer yacht hybrid Esquel.

Worked on the project naval architects of Lateral, “Young designer of the year 2015” Bozka Timur (Timur Bozca; exterior), Gina Brennan (Brennan Gina; interior) and experts one of the leading British companies organizing marine expeditions Pelorus.

Esquel combines features characteristic for both expeditionary yachts (say, a fortified semi-displacement hull with steep nose, which is not afraid of no waves, no ice in the open sea) and for a modern and sophisticated superyacht.

“Esquel offers the best of both worlds”, — emphasized in Oceanco.

It is assumed that Esquel will be able to go on a long sailing routes to seven thousand nautical miles at a cruising speed of 13 knots at any point of the world ocean, including the Arctic and Antarctic. And at the same time in Esquel not be ashamed to carry out environmental VIP party, say, during the Cannes film festival.

The yacht will be able to reach a maximum speed of 16.5 knots. Her draught with a displacement of five thousand gross tons with a full load will amount to 4.3 meters. In the engine room will be equipped with modern diesel-electric propulsion.

Esquel maximum width of 17.5 metres. Its spacious, uncluttered main deck area of 200 square meters is enough space for the placement of closed containers of any type. Also expected on Board during the expedition there will be two submersibles, SUV, motorcycles and a helicopter. The area of the main garage for tenders, hiding under the deck is 230 square meters. It will fit, and fast boats like the RIB and first-class tenders and water toys and diving equipment.

For those interested in marine biology and protection of the ocean, Esquel can become a platform for many scientific studies. For example, such as coral, in which the reef, which then will help to restore the damaged area of the Atoll, is grown directly on Board.

Thanks to the advanced dynamic positioning system, regions with similar fragile ecosystem Esquel will be able to stop without throwing the anchor.

While outside Esquel pretty brutal (the inspiration for Bocci was the image of the spacecraft), in Brennan tried to create a “stylish, warm and comfortable interior, so that your team can feel at home while away from home.” According to the designer, visually it will look as “an eclectic mix of antiquities and artifacts that the young researcher had collected during his (or her) journeys.”

“Our goal is to develop solutions due to both human factors, technology and aesthetics. Every detail is devised for a specific purpose. It’s not the design in the name of design. We believe that we must create thinking not only about tomorrow but also about the day after tomorrow,” says Bocca.

One example of a combination of “human factors and aesthetics” — the superstructure with mirrored ceiling and glass walls and swimming pool on main deck aft, which will be for researchers a pleasant relaxation area with panoramic views. The roof will house a helipad.

Another such a welcoming space — a living room in the middle which has a real fireplace. One has only to imagine what it’s like to relax next to after a day out somewhere among the rocks and glaciers on the coast of Greenland, as it becomes clear that this warm area can hardly be overemphasized.

Another goal for the creators of Esquel was the formation of a sense of the unity of space on the boat and beyond.

“Esquel is still connected to the world in the Arctic as well as in Monaco or new York” — rightly said in the Superyacht Times.

Such effect can achieve and panoramic Windows. As well as swimming pool, fully glass wall appears, for example, in the master cabin.

In General, the internal planning is highly flexible Esquel. On Board you can easily provide an additional multifunctional cabins: rapid response team, seminars and laboratories.

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