Ocean Independence sells British warship for the adjustment of the mega yacht

Yacht broker at Ocean Independence has teamed up with design Studio Claydon Reeves to create the project of the yacht on the basis of a warship.

Project 98-metre trimaran Triton, built by order of the governments of UK and USA to demonstrate the capabilities of this type of the body, can be converted to a support vessel or superyacht with a length of 103 meters.

“He’s ready to be used in the form in which it exists now, but we can also offer the option of service naval architect to turn Triton into a yacht or support vessel for those who are impressed by the design in the style of a military ship,” — said in a release Ocean Independence.

Those who want to buy a Triton in its current form, will have to pay €10 million.

The ship can accommodate a maximum of 48 guests and 14 crew members, while the diesel-electric powerplant (a pair of MTU 16V4000-impact 2 790 HP) provides a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising range of up to 11 400 nautical miles.

Its width is 22.5 m, draught — three meters. He has a very stable and large platform for placing a helicopter, large tenders and yachts.

Three parallel case has left its mark on the choice of the name of the ship. “Triton” it was named after the Greek God, the messenger of the deep, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, holding a Trident. The outriggers themselves are more narrow and much shorter than the main (Central) body.

Ocean Independence underline the stability, endurance, relatively high speed and low maintenance of the trimaran.

The ship, which until recently was in the flotilla of the Australian border patrol was built in 2000, Vosper Thornycroft and meets all the requirements of the ships of naval forces.

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