Now Maria is the fifth

On the English Riviera on the South West of the UK, continues the world championship in the yacht class J/70. Regatta, recall, takes place on the basis of the yacht club Royal Torbay, and it involved 77 teams, including 4 – under the Russian flag.

Yesterday, September 3, held 3 races (same as before). According to the results of 6 races (with one outlier) our best – Maria (Andrey Malygin, Leonid Klepikov, Andrei Kirilyuk, Alexey Borisov), occupies 5-e a place. Compared to the previous day the team dropped in the table in two stages (despite the fact that won the second race of the day). But it is worth noting that until the leaders of – hand: the “Maria” 50 points, then as now occupying the first place of the Italian Petite Terrible (skipper Alberto Rossi) – 41.

On 8-th place – ArttubeRus1(Valeria Kovalenko, Igor Lisovenko, Denis Rozhkov, Sergei Avdonin. Paul Savenko). Note that the previous day the crew was only 29-m.

The other two teams under the Russian flag is the following: 16. Akhmat (Alexander Bozhko, Mikhail Sheremetyev And Maxim Sheremetyev, Roman Konstantinov, Hasan Hajiyev). …22. Joyfull (Denis Cherevatenko, Volodymyr Chaus, Victor Filippov Artem Markov).

Acting under the flag of Cyprus Amaiz Sailing Team (Sergey Dobrovolsky, Viktor Serezhkin, Egor Terpigorev, Vyacheslav Martynov) – now in 30th place. Belarusian Pavetra (Alexander Rachevsky, Andrew Bro, Piotr Lezhnin, Ilya Fear) – 60-I.

Detailed results –

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