“Now inside the boat – exhibition of drawings”

Here is a new post Irina Gracheva, published on its page Irina Gracheva Racing Mini-Transat 2019 in Facebook:

Almost 2 weeks of waiting for the start became very important to me. Managed to relax, to adequately finish all the important things, to re-test all equipment and…

…to meet wonderful kids from the school of a small town near La Rochelle. I managed to speak French with the guys, to show you all the most interesting stuff on his boat.

Sometimes I wonder what serious questions about the single yachting are born in the mind of 6-year-old man, who yet did not go in the sea!

And some Russian boy Emil, with whom we had a little talk in your native language! But the teacher also has Russian roots, and he recently learned about the existence of relatives in St. Petersburg, with whom he is now forging links.

Now inside the boat I got a real exhibition of drawings and many good wishes from you guys!

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