Now and Le Cool…

Of the six Maxi-trimaran division Ultime, released at the start of the transatlantic race Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe, the race was only three. A few hours ago turned over the famous Banque Populaire IX.

Skipper of the trimaran is one of the most influential and popular of French sailors – 41-year-old armel Le Cle, winner of the Vendee Globe-2016/17. He himself, fortunately, in the accident, which occurred in 340 miles North-East of the Azores, was not injured. Turned on the distress beacon and contacted his shore team, assuring that he personally urgent medical attention is not needed.

At the time capsize wind, according to Le Cle, exceeding 35 knots (gusts to 40). Wave height more than five meters. According to one version, broke one of the floats.

Recall that before the race Route du Rhum came off the Maxi trimaran Edmond de Rothschild (skipper Sebastian Josse) and Sodebo Ultim (Volume Covill).

In division Ultime is still the leader françois Gabaret (MACIF), ahead of Francis Guaiana (IDEC Sport) at 38 miles. Remade-Use It Again with skipper Roman and Piyarom behind them more than 500 miles.

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