“Not their level”

Only two days of racing was held at the held in Spain regatta MedSailing Trophy – Eurocup 2019 instead of the planned four. Several Russian crews have performed here in the 29er class.

At the weekend the contestants were sitting on the shore waiting for wind, the press service of the St. Petersburg Sailing school “Krestovsky island”, but it never came. Thus, the results of our athletes has not changed: after eight races Andreev/Posev – 13th place out of 79 participants. Lazdin/Araslanov – 34-e Lisanova/Kanaplev – 47-e, Lukoyanova/soloveitchik – 58-E.

Coach class 29er Yuri Artemiev believes that the speech failed:

– Guys can chase much better, it’s not their level. Cause tactical mistakes and lack of understanding of local weather conditions. Rarely been able to guess the right direction. But the bad result is also a result. It is necessary to draw conclusions and to continue to work.


This regatta is played and the crews of the sailing Academy Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg. The best of them – Ilya Chuprin / Brovin Rodion – finished in 21st place, showing parishes 12-14-15-10-(18)-13-2-20.

Ivan Sologubov / Vlad grahas – 52-e, Vivea Eremenko / Juliana vol – 63-I.

Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov, the coach of the Academy in the class of the 29th: “the Result is evaluated as satisfactory, almost good. Of course, not lucky with the weather. I note the progress with the summer crew of Vevey Eremenko/Uliana wolska, on the result of the crew Grahovo Vlad/Ivan sologubova was affected by a leg injury received by Vlad on Garda. Ilya and Rodion Cuprina Brovina should add stability, and the result will definitely come! All done guys”.

But as he evaluated his performance in the regatta Ilya Chuprin:

“Regatta for us, there was overall good, but could be better. Managed to catch up and overtake rivals in speed, and there were moments when we one the backstay was raised from 15 th to 5-th position.

We need to work more on starts in a large fleet. Happened very good starts and bad, stability is not enough.

Now we are planning two more days of practice in El Balis and fly home. The next regatta will be held in Sochi in March, it is important for us, the selection for the competition and the ISAF qualification for the Olympics”.

The results of the regatta –


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