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Brest Atlantiques – marathon race three Maxi trimarans (fourth trimaran – Sodebo Ultim 3, as we reported, the fight stopped) is entering a decisive phase. Although of course, the finish is still far away: the leader of the race, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (skippers – Frank Kamma/ Charles Cedrela), to the end point – the French Brest left to go 3877 miles.

Ended with a 20-day race (which, we recall, started on the 5th of November). “Rothschild” is still confidently heads the remnants of the caravan, not feeling any competition. The nearest rival, the Actual Leader (Yves Le Blevio/ Alex Pella) – behind 197 miles. Macif and all 576 miles, but keep in mind that the skippers of the tri – françois Gabaret and Gwenola the Gain chose to go West (and, therefore, the distance coming from the North the competition is increasing with each passing hour).

However, it is unclear that this course West of the “Massif” it provides. So maybe in the coming hours he will turn to the North.

“Rothschild” has to cross the equator three days later (that is in the coming Thursday). After that, in the opinion of the meteorologist team Christian Dumara, wind the situation is for the leader are quite good. Unless I have to go to the West to bypass the anticyclone over the Azores.

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