Not all reached the finish line

September 17, 2019

      Not all reached the finish line
      According to the VFPS press service, on September 16 in Togliatti, on the basis of the Druzhba yacht club, the start of the country's championship in Olympic classes continued.

Not all reached the finish line

All the races planned for this day were held: in the classes of the 49th and 49th FX – in four, in the classes "Finn", "Laser-standard", "Laser-radial" and 470 – three.

“With rain and wind reaching 20 knots in the water area of ​​the Kuibyshev reservoir, we completed the program for the number of races, but not all reached the finish line. There were many breakdowns and coups, the athletes had to provide assistance, ”said Natalya Ivanova, head coach of the Russian team.

“For us, today the race went well, which I can’t say about the rivals,” shared Zoya Novikova, steering crew of the 49th FX. – In fact, we were chasing ourselves. It was not easy for the other guys: they constantly turned over and could not go the distance in the control time. ”

“Yesterday I was in first place, but today I lost a little position,” said Yegor Terpigorev, who moved to third place in the Finn class. – Probably, the experience lost during the year and a half of absence from the class is affected. Today it was a little harder to chase than with a light to medium wind. But at the same time, today was normal “working” weather with winds from 18 to 24 knots. ”

In the rest, the leaders of the championship retained their first positions.

The leaders of the Russian championship following the results of three racing days:

49th – Jan Cech / Ivan Zotov

49th FX – Zoya Novikova / Diana Sabirova

Finn – Arkady Kistanov

Laser Standard – Sergey Komissarov

Laser Radial – Maria Kislukhina

470, men – Pavel Sozykin / Denis Gribanov

470, women – Alisa Kirilyuk / Angelika Chernyakhovskaya

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