Nikita Melnikov became the third

More than four hundred riders from 37 countries took part in the third stage of the Europa Cup Trophy, 2019 in class “Laser”, which ended in hyères (France).

The best result among the Russians showed Nikita Melnikov: he became the third in “Laser standard” (48 participants) in the first eight races with 44 points, parishes (16) – 14 – 7 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 4 – 10. Ahead of our yachtsman Horvath Dominic Perkovic (21) and Frenchman Nathan Le Pen (40).

The full results of the “Laser-standard” –

In “Laser-radial” were 196 riders. Won Monos Emilios from Greece. Our leaders have been far: Vladimir Novoselov – 98, Elizaveta Borovkova – 115-I, Ksenia Kosheleva – 166-I.

The results of the “Laser-radial”:

Finally, “Laser 4.7”, 150 participants. Won Lara Hemmes (Spain). Our: 26. Bogdan Russian. …40. Peter Putinski. …42. Ksenia Gromova. …57. Dmitry Golovkin. …105. Dmitry Shabanov.

The results in the “Laser 4.7” –

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