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Elena Tekina talks about the third racing day of the world Cup in RC44 class, which is about to end in Cascais (Portugal).

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On Saturday, September 29, Cascais gave the participants another great day of racing. North-West wind has risen again to 25+ knots, allowing the boats to fly on the long ocean waves at over 20 knots. This time again, not without the MOB, as well as numerous pochinkov, broken noses, shattered hulls and torn sails.

The defending world champion Russian Team Nika continued to dominate in the final standings. Although Vladimir Prosikhin and his stellar tactics Dean Barker failed to win any races, but 4th, 2nd and 3rd wards was enough to increase his lead to 5 points.

On second place came the champion of last season – the Slovenian Ceeref, Igor La with tactician Adrian Stead, who won two races and became the 4th in the third. In third place behind 9 points from Ceeref is Monegasque Charisma Nico Punch with ray Davies as a tactic (6-1-4).

Russian Bronenosec Sailing Team of Kirill Frolov with tactician Cameron was Given because the 4 points penalty received in the first race of the day, in which she finished 7th, dropped to 4th place in the overall behind 2 points from third place.

In the first race of the judge, not expecting that the wind will increase, moved the distance further into the ocean, close to the famous Cabo da ROCA — the most Western Cape of the Eurasian continent, and the boats had to contend not only with wind but also with a two-meter waves.

The race was marked by an epic clash on the first top rounding. The only one who was able to avoid involvement in the mill was Ceeref, which managed high-speed obernutsya first. On the second and third places to the buoy flew “Battleship” and “nick”, but then the wind moved the boats began to fall on the sign, and after an unsuccessful maneuver, combined with strong currents and especially the great wave “Battleship” rose without the speed before the sign, blocking almost the entire fleet.

At least four boats encountered waves they were throwing at each other. At the same time, outsiders were able to avoid a lot of trouble and the first left the dump, leaving the leaders of the race.

Finally, recepies yacht Kirill Frolov after the acquittal reversals were able to return to the race and to the finish managed to overtake one boat. Mr Prasain, once after a collision on 6-th place, could save the race and bring his team to the 4th place.

For the second race the Race Committee did not take any more chances and returned the distance and close to Cascais. Some teams for a long time were repaired, zakieva holes in the sails and the hulls after collision, while all the other during more than an hour of waiting entertained appeared in the distance a large flock of dolphins.

In the second race Ceeref was the first and at the top mark was in the same situation as “Battleship,” but realized that comes out to the buoy, managed to make a jibe. First place went to “Charisma” – s “Nike”, followed on her heels. On the “Nika” took the lead, but at the beginning of the full course “Charisma” cleaner made the turn, while “nick” in the maneuver lost speed, and at the gates of Monaco yacht came first. Race rivals finished in the same order. “Battleship” the entire race went 5th.

In the third race the yacht Vladimir Prosikhin got a penalty at the start over something that allegedly prevented another boat. The first diffraction “nick” was the last and only immediately turned left towards the shore, trying to find the wind. This team managed, to the gate “nick” ahead of three boats. The second diffraction “Nika” was the third and was able to maintain position and finished just behind Ceeref, Peninsula Petroleum and. “Battleship” after a good start came out the first mark on the 4th, but the course went into a protracted bracing and the gate bent around the latter. To finish Kirill able to overtake one boat and finished the race on the penultimate place.

Steersman “of Battleship” in philosophy and reacted to the failures of the third day: “Everything happens, everything happens, it would be strange if we did not have this: how to do without bracing and errors in this weather? In General, everything is fine.”

Mr Prosikhin commented on the day: “I am very pleased. To play place to get out two times from the end of the fleet is, I believe, an excellent result. Otherwise we would now be with the same points that Ceeref, and everything would begin again. This is the most difficult to play. You go bottom, you are in a bad wind and it is generally very difficult.”

Today, the final day of the championship, scheduled three races.

To follow the race on the official website -http://www.rc44.com/

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