New year gift: abandoned 8 years ago the boat of krugosvetki single found in Australia

New year’s eve at Kangaroo island (South Australia) suddenly found a 12-foot Wild Eyes — the boat that in 2010, 16-year-old American Abby Sunderland (Abby Sunderland) tried single-handedly to get around the world. The girl started from Cabo San Lucas (Pacific coast of Mexico), were evacuated from the vessel once during a storm in the Indian ocean Wild Eyes lost the snap and the keel. Sunderland initially wanted to attempt to make a circumnavigation, but then have refused this idea.

“On December 31 at 12:30 in 11 nautical miles South of Vodno Bay (Kangaroo island) the boat saw the plane, watching for a fish. To find out what ship it was, the place sent a police helicopter. Also involved, two industrial fishing boats that were nearby,” — said in a press release from the police, quoted by the portal

Wild Eyes was overturned and covered sea ducks.

“She looks a little creepy, but this is expected, since it’s been so long. I always knew that the boat is upscale and very safe, so I was almost not surprised that she’s still afloat,” — said the owner of the ship, looking at the photo.

As it is now will go with the boat, is unknown.

eight years ago, after returning home to California, Sunderland dreamed that Wild Eyes will find and fix it. Then this dream seemed almost incredible, but now at least the first part of the wish come true.

The girl said that when she left the boat, on Board in (theoretically) sealed box kept the equipment. If the box remains intact, it may still be there.

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