New metal is lighter than water will make the yacht unsinkable

In new York University have developed a metal that can swim. This is a brand new composite composition containing magnesium alloy and the silicon carbide. The material is durable, extremely light weight and temperature resistance. Yacht of this kind of composite will not sink even with significant damage.

Development is a type of syntactic foam. On this “material of the future” for many years scientists are working around the world, but researchers from new York first managed to get foamy light metal suitable for use in industrial scale. The work was conducted for several years at Polytechnic school of engineering new York University under the guidance of associate Professor Nikhil Gupta.

The resulting material consists of a matrix made of magnesium alloy, which is brought to a foamy condition, and hollow spheres reinforced silicon carbide. These sphere particles have a density of 0.92 gram per cubic centimeter, against the density of water 1 gram per cubic centimeter. The lightness and buoyancy of the material are complemented by the strength to withstand any conditions that the ship encounters in the marine environment. Sheath one sphere particles can withstand pressures of 25,000 pounds per square inch, which exceeds the pressure in the fire hose 100 times.

The composite is easily adaptable for different tasks and applications. Its density can be reduced or increased due to the number of silicon spheres that are filled with magnesium matrix.

12 may the material has passed the preliminary tests at the University of new York. As the press-center of the University, development of technology is coming to the finale. In the next three years she can be commissioned in any of the prototype. It can be a boat, car or, for example, gaining popularity in U.S. naval super-heavy amphibious UHAC (Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector).

And, of course, the possibility of using such material in shipbuilding will open a door to a completely new era. Just imagine these incredible yachts and floating cities, whose fate was to remain on paper and which now can actually be built.

Source: NYU School of Engineering

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